Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling, Airing 12/20

* Impact Wrestling kicks off with Kurt Angle calling out Devon. Devon comes out and says says he had to bring his pack with them and Angle said he brought a pack of his own. Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff made their way to ringside.

* Devon defeated Kurt Angle in a TV Title match.

* Tara w/Jessie Goddarz defeated Mickie James.

* Kazarian comes out with presents. He then introduces Christopher Daniels. Daniels sits in the chair and Kazarian tells him he has a special guest: Santa Claus! He sits in the chair. Daniels and Kazarian says they for him a gift. Santa opens it and reveals zuma pants! James Storm interrupts and says they are making a mockery of Christmas. Daniels says James Storm should be on the naughty list since he is the reason AJ can’t go for the world title for a year. James Storm gets into the ring and knocks over the tree. Storm ends up super kicking Santa. Afterwards, Storm takes presents from Santa’s bag and hands them out to fans.

* Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan defeated Kenny King & Rob Van Dam. That concludes half of the tapings for this episode.