(Spoilers) TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For April 24th

The following are results of the Impact Wrestling television taping for the Thursday, April 24th edition of the show.

– Magnus comes to the ring for a promo. He says he was never really beaten by Eric Young for the title, and says the biggest failure that fateful night was his help. He says good help is hard to find. He brings out Abyss. Magnus calls Abyss an idiot and says he now realizes why everyone abandoned him. Magnus fires Abyss. Abyss says he realizes now that he’s a monster and that he’s going to once again start destroying lives, starting with Magnus. Magnus says Abyss is no longer a contracted TNA wrestler. MVP comes out and confirms that fact. MVP says he will consider this Abyss’ TNA tryout, and that if he can defeat Magnus, he can regain his spot back in TNA.

– Bobby Lashley def. Kenny King via countout. Lashley dominated the majority of the match. As he was about to hit his finisher on King, King rolled out of the ring and simply walked off to the back. The referee counted him out.

– Madison Rayne comes to the ring for a promo. She calls out The Beautiful People. They come out and Madison attacks them. They recover, however, and get the upper hand. Brittany does a run-in to try and save Madison, but the numbers game is too much for them. The Beautiful People do their brown-bag skit on Madison. Gail Kim eventually comes out to make the save. She challenges The Beautiful People to a match later tonight.

– Kurt Angle def. Rockstar Spud. Angle dominated the match and finished off Spud via tapout with his ankle lock submission. Ethan Carter III comes out and attacks Angle after the match, but Willow ends up coming down to make the save.

– The Beautiful People def. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim in Knockouts tag-team action.

– Bobby Roode and James Storm def. Bully Ray and Gunner in tag-team action.

– MVP def. Austin Aries in the main event of the evening.