(Spoilers) TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For January 9, 2014

Posted by Matt Boone December 6, 2013 3 Comments

The following are results for the January 9, 2013 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling.

– Chris Sabin def. Austin Aries to become the new TNA X-Division Champion.

– Kurt Angle def. Bad Influence in a Handicap Steel Cage match.

– Bobby Roode def. Sting in a Steel Cage match when Ethan Carter III interfered.

– Magnus def. AJ Styles in a TNA World Title unification match when Bobby Roode interfered.

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    • Nicholas Williams

      So the first night the “bring back” AJ Styles they have him drop the World Title to Magnus? Really TNA? Does you writers not think storylines through. Honestly you could have built this match up to a PPV. (and that doesnt mean a “themed” show; Turning Point, Sacrifice, etc.) Another swing and miss for TNA.

    • JayRoz

      They had him drop it to Magnus because apparently AJ is gone from TNA, which if true, is a huge hit to them in my view. He’s pretty much the only guy besides Daniels and Kazarian, oh and Abyss that has been there since day one…kinda sad actually. But I do hope he finds what he’s looking for, and I do hope that he gets to a bigger stage, even if he’s never a top card guy, it would be awesome to see him in some feuds with WWE guys…like Kofi, or Daniel Bryan, or even CM Punk for a short run…that would be entertaining for me as a fan, and a good way to enjoy his last few years in wrestling…I doubt he’ll be around for much longer as he is getting older, but I hope he gets a chance to say he was actually in the big leagues…and not just as a jobber on Sunday Night Heat or Velocity or Jakked or whatever he was on lol.

      • Nicholas Williams

        I honestly hope he does go to WWE. He is better the 90% of their roster. TNA letting him go is their biggest mistake. If TNA wouldnt have signed Hogan and Flair and Hardy all at the same time they wouldnt be in this financial situation. With all due respect Hogan and Flair did nothing for TNA, as a matter of fact the hurt TNA.

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