Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings – 6/27/2013

Posted by Matt Boone June 21, 2013 7 Comments

- TNA taped the June 27th episode of Impact Wrestling last night in Peoria, Illinois. Here are full spoilers, thanks to B. Hack:

* Suicide defeated Kenny King and Chris Sabin to become the new X Division champion. Hulk Hogan announced that the real Suicide had been attacked and a fake Suicide won the match. He ran off through the crowd.

* Adam O’Reilly beat Brian Howe in a Gut Check match.

* Sting and Kurt Angle talked about how The Main Event Mafia would destroy Aces & 8s.

* Magnus beat Bobby Roode in a Bound For Glory Series match.

* Mickie James beat Velvet Sky to retain the Knockouts Title.

* Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson in a BFG Series match ends when Aces & 8s come out. Sting and Angle also come out, revealing Samoa Joe as a new Main Event Mafia member.

* Hulk Hogan comes out and wants to know who the fake Suicide was. Bully Ray comes out and talks about having to face the X Division Champion at Destination X. Austin Aries reveals himself to be the fake Suicide and tells Ray he’s going to take the World Title next.

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    • Dammit

      So they make a big deal about Suicide coming back only to bury him for Aries? Dammit Miz!

    • Ray

      Aries can’t face Bully because he’s not Suicide so he was not legally in the match so he’s not the X Division champion. Also, Sting said he is bringing back MEM because no one helped him at Slammiversary, and then he recruits Angle even though Angle didn’t help him either at the PPV, doesn’t make sense.

      • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

        I hope the real suicide is going to fight ray. and sting wont fight for the title again but he can still fight the aces and eights

        • Ray

          The title has to go back to Sabin or put vacant because Aries is definitely not champ, if TNA goes with Aries they have to and better do a realistic scenario and not some BS as Aries dressing up as Suicide. Sting can’t go for the title anymore, I think it will just be MEM vs A&8s

          • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

            Or Hogan can let Aries fight bully ray and give Suicide Aries’s BFG series spot

    • HUlk Hogan

      You guys know that Suicide is a fake wrestler and is just X Division guys, Aries, Daniels, Kaz, so it was Aries the whole time Brother




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