*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings Results (Airing 3/27)

Here are spoiler results for the March 27th edition of Impact Wrestling, courtesy of WrestlingNewsWorld.com:

MVP came out for a promo. He said that when he came here he had the intention that every wrestler would rise and fall based solely on their talent and ability. A great man once said “the cream always rises to the top.” He said it was time to make an executive decision and Magnus and Abyss came out. Magnus said before he does anything rash that Abyss has a 100% legitimate service contract to the champion, not TNA or MVP, meaning the only time his authority extends to Abyss is through him. MVP said he had the chance to see how strong Abyss is last week. MVP tells Abyss if he puts a hand on him he will show a side of him he doesn’t want to see and tells him that Magnus is manipulating him. He brings up the idea of a title shot to him. MVP said someone keeps getting shafted and set up next week Abyss will challenge Magnus and the #1 contender Samoa Joe will also challenge Magnus. Joe came out. He said he has only asked MVP for one thing and that is for him to get a fair chance and an uninterrupted opportunity against Magnus.

Joe said now his rematch is a handicap match. Magnus said they have their own problems to deal with and Joe attacks Magnus while MVP attacks Abyss. Eric Young then comes out and attacks Abyss. He and Joe clear the ring while MVP grabs a mic and says enough. Eric Young says he has the solution. He brought the monster out of Abyss and says he has to be the one to stop him. He does Magnus/Joe next week for the title and now he needs to put EY there. EY will take care of Abyss while Joe gets a match the way he wants to be. MVP says he doesn’t think EY has earned it yet. EY says he talks about motivate validate and participate. He says “motivate” MVP has been here 10 minutes while he has been 10 years and runs down everything he has been involved it. “Validate” mentions all the belts he has won. “Participate” he has ran with every ball TNA has given him. He said he is a world class professional wrestler and will fight. Joe says nobody is doubting him but there is a line and he is not at the head of it. Joe still wants his one fair title shot and until he gets what he wants he gets nothing. MVP says he appreciates EY’s passion and everything he said is true and inserts EY into the match. Joe was not happy. He pie faced EY then the two of them got in a brawl. Refs come out and separate them. MVP says we have a match.

Angelina Love came out and called out Velvet asking what her problem was. They spoke about Madison. I assume something backstage happened that was not shown. Angelina Love was not kind to Madison and mentioned it will be her and Madison later while insulting Velvet.

In a match billed as “no DQ, no countout, no rules, and there must be a winner” Gunner defeated James Storm. Match saw Gunner do a spear through the ropes through a table on the floor and a superplex through chairs, Storm hit two superkicks. Storm went for the wee bottle, Gunner had one that Storm previously brought in the ring and hit him with it followed up with the F5 for the win.

The Wolves defeated Magnus and Abyss when Eddie Edwards made Magnus tap out to the single leg crab. Abyss walked away from the ring after the match was done with the TNA title around his shoulder.