WWE RAW Results From Manchester, England

Posted by Brad Davis November 11, 2013 4 Comments

- Backstage, Randy Orton approaches The Shield and is pissed off that they didn’t help him earlier when Big Show attacked him. They said they were busy, but Orton isn’t satisfied with their excuse. The Shield tell Orton its not their problem.

– Fandango (with Summer Rae) defeated Tyson Kidd.

– World Heavyweight champion John Cena defeated the Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) in a 2-on-1 handicap match. The crowd chanted “Mr. Bean” at Zeb Colter. Alberto Del Rio came to ringside during the match to watch Cena. The crowd was very anti-Cena, who got the win after he made Jack Swagger tap out with the STF. After the match, Del Rio attacked John Cena – but Big E Langston ran down and made the save.

– Backstage, Alberto Del Rio complained to Brad Maddox about Big E Langston “attacking him” (making the save for John Cena).

– R-Truth defeated Ryback via pinfall after avoiding the Meathook clothesline.


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    • jzer

      Randy Orton deserves to have rematches vs Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Shield, John Cena, Big E. Langston and and he needs to fucking beat the hell outta them and defeat them in matches!!!! I’m so glad he’s doing more promos, too!!!!
      I’ve got to send him some pics of me now –ASAP, and some artwork, and also of me in about 3-4 weeks wearing my new 14 eyelet black steel toed Ranger boots!
      Randy deserves to be WWE Champion!!!
      Roman Reigns
      Cody Rhodes
      Antonio Cesaro
      Seth Rollins
      Dean Ambrose
      Big Show
      John Cena
      Big E. Langston
      or, any other guy in WWE Raw!!!

      I’m busy too, you know…..planning when to go to a pro wrestling show and jump a rail and over the barriers and fight Randy’s opponents in the ring with him!
      Why would I want to do that??
      Because of how I feel about him and to help even up the score because he deserves me to be of assistance and of whatever help I’m able to provide!!!!
      Because I choose to and…I like him!!! That’s why!!!

      • modo

        understandable, but you know that you have to be able to get past WWE security and they, as you know—don’t let people in the audience jump railings or barriers usually.
        i too disagree with show, reigns, rollins, ambrose, langston, rhodes, goldust, cena and so on….that’s on raw or sd or whichever show being allowed to attack randy and randy orton not being allowed to fight back and do things about them treating him how they are!
        i’d like to help out! if there’s anything i can do, like get a friend to go with you to a wrestling show….or something. please don’t hesitate to let me know!
        I personally think that randy orton should remain wwe champion on raw and that he should fight assertively and aggressively in matches/PPV’s and it is The Sheild’s problem now because they betrayed him and so did cody rhodes and so did big show and so did cena and so did big e langston and that sucks!!! Randy should be WWE Champion because he is a champion! He deserves to be WWE Champion!!!!

        • Raguel the Angel of Vengance

          John Cena
          Big E Langston
          Daniel Bryan
          Big Show
          those guys suck!
          I need to learn where to buy a ballistic knife or an AK-47. then bring those
          S.O.B. ‘s
          to a WWE show
          then unleash vengance on them
          Kill Em All….Let God Sort Em Out!!

          • Tal_653

            NO!!! DON’T go about handling it that way. Instead, focus on doing things that are right and handling things in ways that are appropriate! So that nobody can try to or turn what you’re saying against you and hurt you, misinterpret, or think you mean something else….just because of something you say.
            Especially when you’re dealing with mental health professionals….you know you have to be extremely careful—like with psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, etc. Since those types of people tend to misinterpret things people say to them and right away will just put them in psychiatric wards, etc.
            So please be careful and DON’T DO OR SAY THINGS they’ll misconstrue and take in the wrong light!!
            O.K. ??

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