*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Results (Airing 8/1)

Posted by Brad Davis July 30, 2014 10 Comments

WWE taped this week’s episode of SmackDown on Tuesday night from Corpus Christi, Texas.

– Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro with the Patriot Lock. Rusev and Lana come out after the match and challenged Jack Swagger to a match at SummerSlam. Zeb accepts on Swagger’s behalf.

– Randy Orton comes out, cuts a promo on Roman Reigns and challenges him to a match at SummerSlam.

– Kane and Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose in a handicap match is announced for later.

– R-Truth defeated Bo Dallas by disqualification when Bo wouldn’t break a referee’s 5-count. After the match, Dallas beat Truth down and cut a promo.

– AJ Lee defeated Rosa Mendes by submission in a short match. Afterwards, Paige attacked AJ at the top of the ramp and laid her out. Officials check on AJ while Paige skips away.

– Kane and Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification when Ambrose hit Kane with a steel chair. Rollins ran away and Ambrose continued to attack Kane with the chair.

– Footage is shown of AJ Lee being taken away on a stretcher with a neck brace on.

– Diego (with Summer Rae and Layla) defeats Fandango after the Divas distracted Fandango.

– Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler by submission with his cross armbreaker. The Miz was on commentary and interrupted the match by standing on the commentary by mocking/distracting Ziggler, allowing Del Rio to get the win.

– Chris Jericho defeated Erick Rowan with the Codebreaker. The stipulation was that if Jericho won, Rowan was banned from ringside for Jericho’s match against Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam. After the match, Bray Wyatt attacked Chris Jericho.

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    • WW

      Cesaro is officially buried.

      • Joseph James

        Yeah, darn shame, Cesaro is like ones of my favs

        • Annika

          Randy Orton’s a favorite of mine.

          • SD and RAW_The BEST

            Orton not being a clean shaven baby face aka The Viper sucks tremendoulsly bad! He’s absolutely incredibly fantastic when he’s allowed to be a badass good guy who kicks ass on and defeats the bad guys!

      • Marissa

        I can’t wait to watch the beginning of WWE SmackDown’s episode with Randy Orton doing a promo on Roman Reigns, challenging him to a match at WWE SummerSlam! Awesome!!

    • thursday night smackdown

      So what? No World Champion on Smack down??? Daniel Bryan made his appearances, Randy made his. This is why Cena shouldn’t be champ!! He can’t do 2 televised shows a week, then they wonder why smack down losses ratings. It needs to be its own brand again, with its own superstars, & its own titles!(WHC/US title) am I the only one that thinks that smack down went down the drain, as well as the us & heavyweight title, once this Raw Supershow shit happened?? Speaking on no We champ no show, if Lesnar wins then forget about a champion showing up for a while. I remember when this show was the shit 2009 & earlier…now its just shit..

      • Sheila Belue

        He’s making a movie otherwise he would’ve been there.

        • Tal

          Cena’s a conveinent excuse not to be on SmackDown or RAW…is because he is doing a movie.

        • rkofan

          cena doing a movie sucks him playing a bad guy in the movie with him always completely getting away with saying and doing bad things in wwe with no negative consequences, disciplinary action taken against him or punishment done to him because of how he always treats others now that sucks.
          orton not being a clean shaven good guy baby face allowed to fight against him, kick ass on and defeat, beat. and scare/intimidate cena for being a bully and for antagonizing others sucks worse than complete hell.
          what to do now??????

      • SJ

        I’m really, really looking forward to watching the incredible beginning quarter of WWE SmackDown this Friday night! Especially hearing and finding out what Randy Orton’s going to say to Roman Reigns!

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