*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown Results For 5/25

Posted by Matt Boone May 23, 2012 9 Comments

Credit to Ricky for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from Tuesday’s tapings in Wilkes Barre, PA:

Dark Match:

* Dean Ambrose defeated a local wrestler.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Eve Torres opens up SmackDown on behalf of John Laurinaitis. Alberto Del Rio interrupts and wants a World Heavyweight Title shot against Sheamus at No Way Out. This brings out Kane and Randy Orton, who also want title shots. Eve announces a three-way for later tonight to determine a new #1 contender.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Hunico.

* Titus O’Neil and Darren Young beat The Usos.

* Cody Rhodes cuts a promo and says he will get his Intercontinental Title back from Christian.

* Ryback comes out with a black eye and squashes two local wrestlers.

* A vignette airs that says Sin Cara will return next week.

* WWE United States Champion Santino Marella defeated Ricardo Rodriguez.

* World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus comes out and talks about John Laurinaitis and what happened on RAW. It sounds like he’s going to apologize but he doesn’t.

* Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger with the Brogue Kick.

* Damien Sandow made his debut and defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

* Big Show comes out and takes a seat in the ring. He feels betrayed by everyone and talks about John Laurinaitis re-hiring him. Show says he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks because he doesn’t care about the fans.

* Kane comes out for the three-way main event but Daniel Bryan attacks him with a chair and they brawl.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Kane and Randy Orton in a three-way to become the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title. Bryan distracted Kane again which led to him getting a RKO. Del Rio broke the pin up and stole the victory from Orton to win. Sheamus came out and hit a Brogue Kick on Del Rio to end the show.

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    • nikolas

      so isso afe

    • Louis

      Chris Jericho is just dropped from the title picture huh?

    • tracey

      you i have an ideal for the john cena and big show match if anyone interfears they will be fired and if the big show wins or loses big jonny will be fired

    • Broski

      My comments:
      1. Sin Cara will return and will find out that his one-time arch nemesis Hunico is now a jobber.
      2. That was a quick face turn for Kane. But I think I like Daniel Bryan-Kane feud. Hopefully Kane doesn’t loose to Daniel Bryan. So now Daniel Bryan’s gonna forget CM Punk

    • Ice

      Well it seems that this is going to be a boring week of Friday Night Smackdown

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BBYWVIZHUBJOM6A43K4FYYEYIM Harry

      Del Rio vs Sheamus is what they wanted for the last PPV but got horrible vibes… Unless they got something big in creative, fans won’t care.

    • MojoJo

      wtf not again?sin cara not return this week and must wait next week???

    • Long

      Punk will take on Rhodes.My guess is that Dolph Ziggler or the Miz will feud with Christian for IC.Orton is feuding with Jericho.Otunga will be next US champion. Kane vs Bryan will end by SunmerSlam with Bryan being pushed as a next WHC again.Sin Cara should take on Cessaro or Sandow.

    • Mr.Axel Smith

      SIn Cara Returns YEpieeeeeeeeee

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