*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Results For Friday

Posted by Brad Davis July 2, 2014 3 Comments

The following are spoiler results for Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown, taped Tuesday night from Newark, New Jersey:

– The show begins with Seth Rollins coming to the ring and cutting a promo. He’s interrupted by an attack from Dean Ambrose. Randy Orton runs down to make the save, until Roman Reigns comes to Ambrose’s side to even the odds.

– Big E defeated Cesaro by count out.

– US Champion Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio.

– Chris Jericho cut a promo taunting Bray Wyatt . The Miz interrupted him and got nailed with a Codebreaker.

– Divas Champion AJ Lee came out to a huge pop from her hometown New Jersey crowd. She was interrupted by Eva Marie, setting up a match between the two.

– AJ Lee defeated Eva Marie by submission. Fans chanted “you can’t wrestle” at Eva. There were also CM Punk chants. Paige was on commentary and came into the ring to congratulate AJ before awkwardly leaving.

– Damien Sandow comes out dressed up like Bruce Springsteen and sang “Born In the USA.” Rusev and Lana interrupted him, cutting an anti-American 4th of July promo. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter interrupted Lana and got a loud babyface reaction. Lots of loud “USA” and “We The People” chants.

– Dean Ambrose defeated Randy Orton by disqualification in the main event after Seth Rollins interfered and hit Ambrose with his briefcase. Orton and Rollins beat down Ambrose until Roman Reigns made the save. Reigns hits Orton with a Superman punch to end the show.

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    • Ethan

      As usual Orton and Rollins help destroy anything that is good or cool or wonderful about WWE with tons of help from all their WWE buddies:

      Daniel Bryan
      Roman Reigns
      John Cena
      Dean Ambrose
      Triple H

      et cetera, ad nauseum.

      Orton’s behaving hellishly and exactly like a motherfucking suckfest pathetic loser scum bag and so is every single
      WWE superststar!
      This corruption and negativity sucks worse than hell!

      • Yawn

        Dude chill out it’s what they get paid to do

        • Ethan

          For your information, the best matches Orton ever did were during 2008-2009 while he was feuding in the main event vs. Triple H and John Cena, that’s the time he was getting the most cheers and he used to be a clean shaven babyface.
          Him having to continue to look and behave in ways like he is doing now are boring, and cause him look and seem like a suckfest pathetic loser is what sucks worse than 100% lousy, hurtfully,disappointingly, dissatisfyingly, badly, wrongfully, hatefully, offensively and objectionably!
          The fact that WWE is extremely corrupt and negative sucks!
          You think that they are being paid to make WWE suck? That doesn’t make sense, dude, WWE Superstars are being paid to make WWE be free of corruption, negativity, and they are being paid to entertain and cause people to love WWE and to love their character. Not to hate their character. Besides, people are extremely dissatisfied with Orton’s Apex Predator character. Because it’s incredibly overdone and is forcing him to have to be exactly like every other WWE Superstar. When he actually WAS The Viper in 2008-2009, he was extremely incredible, believeable, great, cool, fantastic, someone that fans could relate to, cared about, admired and respected tremendously..
          That’s been robbed from Randy Orton and from his fans.
          That sucks more hatefully, obnoxiously and worse than hellacious!

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