(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown Taping Results For December 27, 2013

Posted by Matt Boone December 20, 2013 8 Comments

The following are results from the WWE SmackDown television taping in Corpus Christi, Texas. This show will air on December 27, 2013.

– John Cena came to the ring to open the show. Cena drops a Hulk Hogan reference early on. Cena asks for a match against Randy Orton for tonight. The Shield comes out and attacks Cena. Mark Henry comes out to make the save, but ended up getting beaten down himself. This leads to Big E. Langston coming down to make the real save. Kane comes out and announces three main events for tonight: Big E. Langston vs. Dean Ambrose, Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns and John Cena vs. Seth Rollins.

– Luke Harper & Erick Rowan def. The Usos in tag-team action. The Wyatt Family won in what was almost a squash match. Bray Wyatt hit the ring afterwards and nailed an Uso brother with his Sister Abagail finisher.

– Renee Young interviews Randy Orton backstage. Dolph Ziggler ends up interrupting him. Kane sets up a match between Orton and Ziggler for later in the show.

– Antonio Cesaro def. Cody Rhodes in singles action. Cesaro picked up the win in what was about a five minute match.

– The Prime Time Players def. Ryback & Curtis Axel in tag-team action. The finish came when Darren Young rolled up Axel for the 1-2-3.

– Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler in singles action. Orton again came to the ring with both belts on his shoulder. Dolph Ziggler apparently has a pink streak in his hair now. The finish in this one came when Orton hit Ziggler with his RKO finisher for the pinfall in what was said to be a terrific match. After the match, Orton hit another RKO and continued to attack Ziggler. According to a live fan report, Ziggler might have legitimately been hurt during the post-match beatdown. We’ll update you when we have more information.

– Daniel Bryan def. Damien Sandow in singles action. Bryan got the win with his Running Knee finisher. After the match, Bray Wyatt came out with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to deliver what was apparently a great promo.

– Big E. Langston def. Dean Ambrose in singles action in one of the three main-events ordered for tonight by Kane earlier in the show. John Cena and Mark Henry was in the corner of Langston for the match. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were in the corner of Dean Ambrose.

– Roman Reigns def. Mark Henry in the co-main event of the evening. Once again, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were in Reigns’ corner, while John Cena and Big E. Langston were in Henry’s corner.

– John Cena def. Seth Rollins in the official SmackDown main event match. As was the case in the previous two matches, Big E. Langston and Mark Henry were in Cena’s corner and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were in Rollins’ corner.

Post-Show Dark Match

– John Cena def. Randy Orton via disqualification in the official SmackDown post-show “dark match” main event for the live crowd in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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    • 68.SemiAutoM16paintball

      i bought a 68. caliber Alpha Semi – Automatic Machine Gun…actually it’s a paintball gun. But looks real and says in the instruction booklet that it could seriously injure or kill someone…like John Cena if you ever need to use it on him. Like if he is pressuring you or WWe is pressuring you to buy his merch….and you have kids…do not buy his merch or go to his signings. That’s one way to FIGHT BACK AGAINST JOHN CENA!!!!

      • Rytier

        It takes all the fans, regardless of if they are :
        WWE Marks
        IWC Smarks
        fans…or a bit of both…or even if they aren’t fans at all….everyone needs to unite and not back John Cena’s push.
        Because you know that John Cena has been getting his way for far too long against fans, internet or non internet fans….even non fans as well! It’s NOT FAIR!!!!

        • kovsi_631

          Or people can back the pushes of Orton, Cena, and other people in WWE!
          Probably goes by who they like.

          • brassic72

            This feud of Cena vs. Orton sucks!!!
            *Thumbs down*

            • ideaor24u

              Think they may go along with doing something like, Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio or Cena vs. Cesaro??? Could be a fantastic match and at least something different and more entertaining, and captivating to watch!
              i have doubts about it since vince mcmahon and the majority of people watching www don’t want you or other people to enjoy WWE or be happy with it or about things that happen in it. if they wanted that they would have Cena be the bad guy/heel and Orton be the good guy baby face in this feud!

              Orton was definitely cooler and an incredible guy in WWE during ’08 – ’09, as well as in 2010. Some of 2011 as well!

              The way he looks and is in the new WWE Raw commercial….I definitely LIKE, ADMIRE AND REALLY MISS THAT Randy Keith Orton!
              Him not being like that anymore fucking sucks!
              He was a good guy then and him not being like that anymore sucks pathetically awfully horrendously hatefully, negatively, no good, insulting, offensively, objectionably, detrimentally, abysmally, poorly, dissatisfyingly!!

      • Joe Hawkins

        Fer chissakes! You can’t just go to a WWE show and hit Cena in the face with a paintball cartridge! If you get and do use it that way….even though you are pissed with all of em……you could face jail or psych ward time. Not worth it to do things that way.

        Not a good plan of action.

        I think that Ziggler and Cena are making each other look awful which is fucked up but they may have to do this and behave wrongly right now. After all….it is their job to behave badly and lousily and same goes for Cena and lots of other guys in WWE.
        Randy Orton also having to be a heel in this situation sucks!
        Cena and Ziggler getting what ever they want sucks!
        F**k this nonsense!
        Work out do cardio, eat smaller portions, go to college, get employed, get a vehicle, and insurance, keep it maintained, put gas in it, get clothes, shoes, boots, etc and other things you need and want, save money, get an apartment that’ll allow you to have the breeds of dog that you want….get the dogs, move to Orlando, FL, take your dogs, go train at the WWE Performance Center, get in WWE, kick ass and get yourself into WWE and fight against Cena! Go kick his fucking skull in and do the same to any guy or any diva who stands in your fuckin way!

        You have said you want to marry Randy…but first you have to get in WWE in order to do that and to get him to let you move into his home in St. Louis, MO and live with him on the road in a private WWE tour bus with your two dogs.

        Live happily ever after together. Make each other happy.

        That’d be my idea for you.

        And you also have to be a fan in this as well!

        DAMN! You certainly have got your work cut out for you, girl!

    • vikram

      i am waiting for undertaker’s return. does anybody know when does he return. if anybody knows comment here.

    • king

      all three members of SHIELD are great worker & hope for the future. ROMAN REIGNS= Big & power house, need a manager like paul heyman bcz he talk less like Lesnar. SETH ROLLINS= good technique skill as well as have a good mic skill, very good as a heel great character. [remind me of EDGE], Dean Ambrose= good mic skill, can play the trick with mind [similar to JOKER in Dark knight], needed to improve his wrestling skill more to stay in the company as a top guy. ALL these 3 wrestlers are perfect to be future World champion but need more improvement. as of now Reigns is close to it

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