(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown Taping Results For This Week

The following are results for this week’s WWE SmackDown, which was taped on Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio.

Dark Match

-Alicia Fox def. Rosa Mendes. This was apparently a snoozefest. Alicia got the win over the now blond-haired Mendes.

WWE SmackDown

-Lilian Garcia introduces Vickie Guerrero to open the show. A video recap is shown of Alberto Del Rio trying to kiss Guerrero to sway her decision in picking his next opponent, followed by the announcement that John Cena would be returning to challenge Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view on October 27th. Vickie comes to the ring and starts off by talking about Big Show. She says he is a deviant and claims he should have been fired a long time ago. She claimed that 12 hours after he was fired, there was already a “for sale” sign in front of his home. As she continues to talk, she is interupted by Del Rio. He tries to get out of his match against Cena at the pay-per-view. She claims she’ll reconsider if he kisses her on the lips. Del Rio kisses her on the lips. She says now you have to kiss me on the (and then points to her ass). Now, Damien Sandow comes out. Sandow talks about how Del Rio was trying to manipulate Vickie into getting out of the match against Cena because he knows he will lose. This leads to Vickie making a match between Del Rio and Sandow. Del Rio nails Sandow with the microphone and beats him down.

-Backstage, Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel are shown making their way to the ring.

-Curtis Axel def. R-Truth to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. This was the title match that was announced on Monday’s WWE RAW. There were a decent amount of chants for R-Truth throughout the match. This was apparently a pretty good match, which Axel ended up winning after he hit Truth with his finisher.

-Los Matadores def. Los Locales. One of the masked Los Locales ended up being Ricardo Rodriguez under a mask. Los Matadores dominated the majority of the match, which they ended up winning pretty easily. After the match, El Torito did a bunch of moves on the losing team.

-The announcement from RAW that Shawn Michaels would be the special referee for the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan WWE Championship match at Hell In A Cell was replayed. Also, it was announced that later in the show, Cody Rhodes and Goldust will be having a match against The Wyatt Family.

-Cameron, Naomi and Brie Bella def. Natalya, Kaitlyn and Eva Marie. The team of the Funkadactyls and Bella defeated Natalya, Kaitlyn and Eva Marie, when one of the Funkadactyls pinned Kaitlyn.

-Renee Young interviews Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Cody thanks the fans for their support of his family at Sunday’s Battleground pay-per-view.

-Lilian Garcia thanks the Susan G. Komen affiliates in Columbus, Ohio.

-Alberto Del Rio def. Damien Sandow. There was a “U.S.A.” chant at one point, although the crowd seemed confused who to boo and who to cheer. Eventually, they seemed to warm up to Sandow. In the end, the World Heavyweight Champion, Del Rio, finished Sandow with his Cross Armbreaker finishing move.

-The Great Khali and The Prime Time Players def. 3MB. They re-aired the clips from RAW where Titus O’Neil, promoting the Susan G. Komen efforts to fight breast cancer, talked about losing his grandmother to the illness. The finish in the match came when Khali hit his chop on Heath Slater for the clean pinfall victory. After the match, Khali danced around a bit with The Prime Time Players.

-Cody Rhodes and Goldust def. The Wyatt Family. Goldust came to the ring first to his own music, followed by Cody Rhodes, who also came to the ring by himself to his own theme music. Out next were The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt sat in the aisle in his rocking chair and watched the match. The crowd was hotter for this match than anything else on the show. The finish came when Cody rolled up Luke Harper off the turnbuckles for the 1-2-3. After the match, Bray Wyatt entered the ring and was angry that his team lost.

Post-Show Dark Matches

-After the televised portion of this week’s SmackDown concluded, Vickie Guerrero came out and announced a 20-Man Battle Royal match, with the winner getting a shot at Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship.

-Bray Wyatt wins the 20-Man Battle Royal. The men who made up the 20 participants in the Battle Royal had all competed in matches earlier tonight either during the Main Event or SmackDown tapings. The Battle Royal came down to the final four, which were all three members of The Wyatt Family, as well as Titus O’Neil from The Prime Time Players. In the end, both Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family voluntarily left the ring, allowing Bray Wyatt to get the win and the shot at Alberto Del Rio’s title.

-Bray Wyatt def. Alberto Del Rio via Count-Out in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Obviously, with the win coming by way of count-out, Del Rio is still the World Heavyweight Champion. The match played out with Del Rio jumping out of the ring and running away from both Harper and Rowan until he was counted out. After that, The Wyatt Family beat down Del Rio inside the ring. This led to Sandow coming out and nearly cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Instead, he as well received a beating at the hands of The Wyatt Family. The crowd ended up cheering Sandow pretty heavily after all of this. Lilian Garcia then announces that Sandow is still the holder of the Money In The Bank briefcase.

…and that’s it from this week’s WWE television tapings in Columbus, Ohio.