(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown Taping Results For This Week

Posted by Matt Boone September 18, 2013 10 Comments

The following are results for this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown:

-This week’s WWE SmackDown opens with Vickie Guerrero coming out. Vickie calls out Daniel Bryan regarding the WWE Championship match. Daniel Bryan comes to the ring. Bryan says he would rather be WWE Champion for one day than to be a corporate kiss-ass. Vickie said she is giving Bryan the opportunity to come clean about his conspiracy with Senior Official Scott Armstrong. Bryan said that both she and Triple H knows full well that he did nothing wrong at Night Of Champions. Vickie again demands for Bryan to tell the truth about the match and the controversy over the fast count. Bryan said the truth is he knee’d Randy Orton in the face and the referee could have counted to 20 and that he should be the WWE Champion right now. Vickie says she should fire him right now and that he will never get the WWE Championship. Bryan says that she has no power. Vickie, proving that she does, announced that since Bryan received help from ten wrestlers on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW, he will be in a Gauntlet Match tonight where The Shield got a hold of all 11, one-by-one, and that Bryan would go in last.

-WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee defeated Naomi in singles action. The finish here came when AJ applied the Black Widow on Naomi for the Submission victory.

-Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger in singles action. The crowd was on fire for Santino. He did a lot of his usual comedy spots, but mostly sold for Swagger, who dominated a lot of the offense in the match. In the end, Santino managed to get the pinfall victory after rolling Swagger up.

-Ryback and Paul Heyman come to the ring. Paul Heyman gets on the microphone. Heyman cut a similar promo to the one he cut on RAW, at least in terms of substance. He talked about how he was now the Best In The World, since he managed to pin CM Punk at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view this past Sunday night. Ryback talks again about hating bullies, such as CM Punk, as well as “Nick from Cincinnati,” who will be Ryback’s opponent up next.

-Ryback defeated “Nick from Cincinnati.” Whoever Nick is, he got squashed here by Paul Heyman’s new killer. Ryback dominated the entire match, and picked up the easy victory in this one. The crowd was pretty hot for the promo before the match, in terms of heat, as well as the match itself, despite the no-name opposition.

-Randy Orton comes to the ring. Orton says that Daniel Bryan and Scott Armstrong were involved in a conspiracy together to “steal” the WWE Championship away from him at Night Of Champions on Sunday. Orton says he takes all the blame himself, because for two years, the company wanted him to be “just like John Cena.” Because of that, Orton claims he locked away “The Viper” forever because he thought that’s not what the company wanted. He said that now that he knows they do want the old “Viper” style Orton back, he is back, and that’s why he made an example out of The Miz on WWE RAW this past Monday night in his own hometown, in front of his own parents. He claims he will continue to make an example out of anyone who gets in his way.

-The Shield defeated Darren Young in the first match of the Gauntlet Series that was announced earlier by Vickie Guerrero.

-The Shield defeated Titus O’Neil.

-The Shield defeated Dolph Ziggler when Roman Reigns speared Ziggler outside the ring and he was counted out.

-Roman Reigns was apparently injured.

-Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins and Romain Reigns ended up with Triple H coming out and calling the match off. He got a lot of heat for that decision from the fans in attendance in Cincinnati. Triple H told everyone to go to the back, and then yelled at Vickie Guerrero. Vickie said she thought the Gauntlet idea was what was “best for business.” Triple H says it wasn’t. He says what’s “best for business” is Daniel Bryan & The Usos vs. The Shield.

-Triple H informs both Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel that they are both talented performers and that he would get them some competition.

-Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family defeated Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. After the match, Bray Wyatt hit the ring and laid out Ryder.

-Triple H informs Rob Van Dam that he will be getting another World Heavyweight Championship match against the current champion, Alberto Del Rio, in a rematch from their bout at Night Of Champions, which ended when Del Rio was disqualified for refusing the break the Cross Armbreaker hold on Van Dam.

-Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth in singles competition. They gave this match a decent amount of time, with Del Rio drawing a lot of heat from the crowd. The finish came when Del Rio applied his Cross Armbreaker finishing hold on Truth for the submission victory.

-Daniel Bryan and The Usos defeated The Shield via Pinfall. The crowd was crazy hot for this match. The Usos worked really hard during the match, much like they have been in a lot of their matches as of late. The crowd was still hot for Bryan, despite the fact that he had appeared on the show a couple of times already. The finish here came when Bryan pinned Dean Ambrose after hitting him with the running knee spot (the same move he used on Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view.)

-After the match, Randy Orton came out to lay a beatdown on Bryan, however, it backfired and Bryan cleaned house on him and the show ended on that positive note.

That wraps up this week’s WWE SmackDown television taping from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    • Tomodashi-Ko

      WTF?! Daniel Bryan is involved in a conspiracy together to steal the WWE Championship away from Randy Orton which sucks! Except, now I’ve got WWE fuckin’ telling me, as someone who watches Raw and SD…. that I can’t and am not allowed to help Randy get his WWE Championship title belt back and I can’t help him to be allowed to BE “The Viper” like he used to be in ’08-09 & during some of ’10?!
      NOOOOOOOOOO!! DON’T DO THIS!!! Randy Orton not being the guy who is made an example of and isn’t attacked by opponnents and him not cleaning house on these a-hole opponnents—- like Bryan, Cena, etc….in matches totally SUCKS!!!!

    • Bravo812

      Randy Orton…PLEASE, BRING BACK THE VIPER!!!!

    • Viper_AngelWarriors996

      Randy Orton now having to put up with this tremendous amount of idiocy where Daniel Bryan cleans house on him and he’s not allowed to kick his motherf—-king a** for it and defeat him at the Battleground PPV and be able to regain his WWE Championship back SUCKS!!!!

    • Ice

      The Viper SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Bring Back The LEGEND KILLER!!!!!!!!!

    • ViperFangs

      What I would have happen is:
      THE VIPER…. Randy Keith Orton faces and squares off against Daniel Bryan at the upcoming WWE Batleground PPV. Randy deserves to win and he deserves to be WWE Champion again!

    • ViperFangs

      Looks like WWE is trying to punish Orton for being a good guy and they don’t like it that he’s WWE Champion!

    • 123

      Daniel Bryan Deserves to be the champion!! Screw that crybaby Orton. Daniel is a way better entertainer and 10x better wrestler.

      • Pixie6

        Randy Orton probably has to do things like he is right now and that’s that. I do hope that he knows that he does deserve to be champion but at the same time…..I think he may just want a Skinhead girl to just improve herself,her life and just do things she needs to do and take the necessary steps to get into WWE and eventually marry Randy Keith Orton. After she gets into WWE. She doesn’t usually talk about him to anyone but she loves him a lot…in her own way,anyway. Yes, he scares her sometimes but she definitely admires him tremendously! She barely says much to anyone because of the fact that she figures….if she is going to do something she wants to do….it’s better to take action and do whatever she is able to do about it!
        She loved the movie, “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded” and watched it on DVD…
        6 X (times) so far!!! She does want to eventually french kiss Randy Orton and have him french kiss her back…, and she would squeeze his bicep and and hug him and….well, you get the idea!!
        She’s usually serious about things and doesn’t laugh and smile as much as she used to because she’s concerned about and has a lot on her mind! If you had to go to dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hrs. a day…for the next 5-8 or so years….how the hell would YOU FEEL?! Probably worried about things…and you might find it difficult to have as much fun as you want to….and you’d try to have fun but because of things happening that you don’t like or want….like having colon cancer…you’d be like, wanting to
        have fun and enjoy yourself. But you feel badly that things are wrong in WWE so much!
        FACT: It wasn’t Randy Orton’s fault or The Miz’s fault…… that The Miz’s parents didn’t physically intervene or interpose themselves between Randy Orton and The Miz during their match on Raw on Sept. 16, 2013!!!
        They just sat and stood there doing nothing at all when their own son was being attacked?! WTF?! They could have at least interposed themselves between Randy Orton and The Miz, then INSISTED they stop behaving that way because if they didn’t….they’d physically restrain them and then, they’d do exactly that! But, noooooooooo. They didn’t behave that way. That fucking sucks!!!

    • Veskpa

      I think that if a Skinhead girl wants to eventually do MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, pro wrestling, etc….she DEFINITELY SHOULD! Except it does look like she’s got to and is going to have to wait. Her nephrologist told her she should and does have to wait until she’s been fully medically cleared due to having a fistula access which MOST LIKELY her nephrologist told her she can’t injure or compromise the fistula, That means she also can’t do anything that’ll cause her fistula to bleed because of it being in an artery in her forearm…. her fistula is connected to an artery and a vein in her left forearm…because if she does not listen to her nephrologist…., she can bleed to death if she were fighting and got injured or someone cut her arm or she got cut accidentally. I hope she’s able to get a kidney and pancreas transplant and then she won’t have to be concerned about this issue. Till then….she’s got to wait. I think she ought to just do calasthenics, lift weights, do strenght training, and run, also go ahead and run up long flights of stairs and whatever else….just postpone actually physically fighting until it’s the right time for her to do so and for her to actually step into the ring vs. an opponnent! Like…a Skinhead girl vs. against John Cena or The Miz or Daniel Bryan!

      THAT’D be extremely cool to see that happen in WWE!!!

      I for one would definitely look forward to it!!!!

    • Alce

      It really, REALLY fuckin sux that fans aren’t allowed to jump over the rails and climb over the barrier(s), get past security, step into the ring and physically fight against John Cena and Daniel Bryan!!!!

      ****thumbs down****

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