*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings Results (2/14)

Posted by Brad Davis February 12, 2014 12 Comments

Here are WWE SmackDown tapings results for this week from Ontario, California, courtesy of Prowrestling.net:

Smackdown opened with Daniel Bryan coming out. Huge cheers. A six man tag was introduced between Daniel Bryan, Christian, and Sheamus vs The Shield…

– The Shield defeated Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and Christian.Great back and forth action between all men. The crowd was crazy for Daniel Bryan and The shield. The Shield got the win after Sheamus gave Christian the accidental Brogue Kick, and Rollins pinned him…

– Vickie Guerrero cut a promo with Zeb Colter where he asked her to be his Valentine. She set up a Four-Way match for the IC title…

– Jack Swagger beat Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston in a Four-Way to become No. 1 contender to the Intercontinental Title. Henry was tossed aside early to make way for the other three taking turns beating on each other. Henry came back in and cleared the ring. Swagger did an awesome double suplex with Kofi and Mysterio. Swagger tossed Mysterio from the ring and then put the Patriot Lock on Kofi and he tapped…

– Eva Marie beat Alicia Fox. The crowd was pretty flat for this besides booing when Eva when she came out. She won with a cheap roll up…

– Bad news Barrett was out next making fun of American women eating chocolates on Valentine’s Day. He called them fat pigs. Funny.

–  The Uso Brothers, Goldust, and Cody Rhodes defeated The New Age Outlaws, Ryback, and Curtis Axel in an eight-man tag. Road dogg started off by getting worked over, then one of the Uso’s got worked over by traditional heel style tag team. Ryback came in and the loud Goldberg chants started. He told us all to shut up. A small group of fans started a CM Punk chant that died after 15 seconds. Jimmy got the hot tag and cleaned house, then did the ass to the head of the Outlaws. There was some outside flying action on the heels and then the Uso’s double kicked Road Dogg, followed up with a top rope splash, and finished off Road Dogg…

– Darren Young beat Damien Sandow. Titus O’Neil came out for commentary. Darren pinned Sandow in under two minutes. Complete waste of time. After the match, Titus attacked Darren and they fought back and forth before Darren ripped off part of Titus’ pants…

– The Miz beat Fandango (w/Summer Rae). They both traded offense for a few minutes before Santino Marella and Emma came out. Summer Rae confronted Emma and then slapped her, which started a cat fight. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale off the distraction for the win. Emma did her dance afterward…

– Cesaro defeated Randy Orton in a non-title match. There were some signs planted in the audience that said “Cesaro Section.” Looks like they are starting to call Antonio Cesaro as just Cesaro now, as this is the second time they’ve called him that tonight. Fast back and forth action to start with Orton ducking out of the ring a few times. Strong cheers for Cesaro and loud We The People chants. Orton faked an injury outside and then roughed up Cesaro. Orton went for his hanging DDT, but Cesaro reversed it into the Cesaro Swing and he did 16 revolutions. The crowd went crazy. Great near fall, as Cesaro hit the uppercut. There were loud “this is awesome” chants and the crowd was loving this match. Cesaro hit a powerbomb off a reversal from the top rope and then hit The Neutralizer for the clean pin…

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    • WTF

      WOW!!! Now i definately have to see the main event match. But idk why they’re shortening Antonio’s name to simply “Cesaro”

      • SJ

        I think it sucks if Antonio Cesaro DOESN’T WANT to have to change his name but still has to go along with doing that!

    • Shaquille Burton

      If sheamus beats orton on raw it proves they will never stop crapping on Christian

      • Chelsea Fringe Cut

        Randy may have to allow for things I don’t like to happen in WWE so that things I do want, enjoy, iike and love happening will return an d come back!!!

      • Chelsea Fringe Cut

        If Sheamus beats Randy Orton it just means that Randy was choosing to allow him to win in their match.

        • SJ

          I disagree with Randy Orton not making a comeback if he should lose in the WWE Elimination Chamber match on Sun. –
          Feb. 23, 2014!!

        • SJ

          NO!!! Sheamus may have to do things like he is but that’s why things are happening as they are in WWE. That is my opinion.
          I’m worried about Randy!
          I’m sorry I can’t always make him laugh and feel better and that I’m not always able to make him feel proud as hell of me and that he doesn’t always get to be physically affectionate with me as much as I wish we both could be!

      • SJ

        That incomplete hanging DDT that Randy Orton did on Antonio Cesaro WILL BE completed at another time and place!!!

    • Bam Bam

      Alright is Wade Barrett injured or something? I can’t remember the last time he had a match.

      • Bum Bum

        Can I put toilet paper on your boner and pretend it’s a ghost?

    • chrissi calvert

      Well when Eva Marie is winning matches you know Total Divas is returning. Expect A LOT more victories for the cast while the rest of the division gets crapped on

    • Chelsea Fringe Cut

      Maybe Randy’s supposed to lose to Antonio Cesaro right now. So that’s why he had to do that.
      For me….what SUCKS AWFULLY HORRIBLE AND COMPLETELY LOUSY is…NOT being able to make Randy Orton feel better and for him not to be allowed to go back to being clean-shaven and being my hero again!!!!

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