Stacy Keibler Meets With Stephanie McMahon, In Talks To Return To WWE

Posted by Matt Boone February 4, 2014 13 Comments

According to a new report, WWE is in talks to bring Stacy Keibler back to the company.

Stephanie McMahon reportedly met with the former WWE Diva while she was in New York hosting the VH-1 Blitz event.

Keibler has reportedly been hesitant to return to WWE in the past, with the feeling that going back to WWE would be a career step backwards, however the offer McMahon made to Keibler was lucrative enough that she is apparently giving it serious consideration.

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    • Kris Godwin

      Wow, I can’t wait for WWE to pay Stacy Keibler tons of cash to do…er…whatever it is she actually does.

      • troll

        wear short skirts and bend at the waist.
        a porn star can do that but for a lot cheaper

    • Derp

      What a waste. She was never interesting to begin with. Also, now that she’s gone, she’s running out of rich guys to date and is probably running out of money. It’s not like she does anything but gold digs.

    • hmw

      awesome. cab’t wait to see her butt :3

    • Bulkster

      She’s hot and all, but do we really want to bring back yet ANOTHER person who basically looks down on wrestling?

    • Thomas Bonacci Jr.

      Its funny how she says coming back to wwe would of been a step backwards in her career. …. She has no career unless u can call geting dumped by george an her short run dancing a career

    • Rog

      So instead of new good characters WWE is just bringing part-time wrestlers and now a useless Stacy to dying women’s division? Way to go WWE……… What’s next? Hogan WWE Champ? Razor Ramon’s return? Hell, what about a Jimmy Snuka return?? All of them part-time with the chances the big guys NOW should have……… That will make the WWE better……

      • troll

        An Umaga return.

        • Aj Storm

          Dead! RIP!

          • Derp

            Wait, Umaga died? What? I thought he just got released.

    • Daquan Bailey

      She wasn’t really a good wrestler. They need to bring Melina, mickie James, and Victoria

    • D

      There’s already enough useless chicks in the WWE now, they don’t need another one.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny admits Stacy wasn’t the best wrestler, but those legs are worth gold. P.P. Johnny asks George Clooney, “how can you give up being put in a leg scissor headlock by Stacy?”

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