Stephanie McMahon “Fires” Big Show From WWE, Bob Backlund Appears On RAW

Posted by Matt Boone October 8, 2013 2 Comments

-Monday’s WWE RAW, the post-Battleground edition of the show, opened with Stephanie McMahon calling out Big Show to explain his actions in ruining the WWE Championship main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Sunday’s pay-per-view. Big Show acted nonchalant about his actions and refused orders to beg the WWE Universe for forgiveness. Additionally, Big Show revealed that he knocked out Bryan per orders of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, and knocked out Orton and the returning senior official, Scott Armstrong, because he had enough. As a result, Stephanie McMahon slapped Big Show in the face multiple times and then “fired” him from the company.

-Also on Monday’s RAW, WWE Hall Of Famer Bob Backlund made an appearance. As noted recently, Backlund appeared at some of the recent WWE non-televised live events, including Friday’s show in Syracuse, New York. Backlund appeared as one of three WWE Hall Of Famers who the WWE Universe could vote for as the special referee for the WWE Hell In A Cell main event between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

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    • Kage

      Pah! Who says WWE recycle storylines?

      Seriously though; fuck this company.

    • kitten

      whatever happened to the good ol days when its clean wrestling? theres soo much drama anymore. “whats good for bussnies” triple H go to hell will ya. that postion has seiously has gone to ur head or i should say ass! i use to enjoy watching wwe but not anymore.. its not far wrestling and boses just want to control every lil thing is just plan stupid i use to like triple H but not anymore.. an as for ms stephine.. she needs to get out of triple H;s ass an grow the fuck up i know ur father raised u better then that maybe the company should have been handled over to ur brother and NOT u and after how many times obrain beat orthen twice now how many more times does it take to prove he won that far n square let him have it geesh..and big show ur the best u didnt need to put up with that.. and cena welcome back and shawn michaels u should come back dude and as for vicki ur in the wrong bussnise hunny

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