Stephanie McMahon On Kurt Angle Returning To WWE, Jericho Teases WWE Return

Posted by Matt Boone February 23, 2014 7 Comments

- When asked by the local CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh about the possibility of Kurt Angle returning to WWE, Stephanie McMahon noted, “never say never.” You can check out the complete article at

- Chris Jericho did his usual pre-pay-per-view tease on Twitter, noting that he was stuck in an airport in Minneapolis, which is where Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view takes place. Jericho tweeted the following:

  • MattBusby

    Anyone who knows about a good streaming site to Elimination Chamber tomorrow?

  • Gerry

  • Bulkster

    Screw Jericho. All of my former heroes are coming back. First my childhood hero Hulk Hogan, and now possibly my olympic hero, Kurt Angle! I hope its true. I hope its damn true!

    • Bulkster’s Male Lover

      You are my hero. Let’s have African bum sex.

      • Bulkster

        Uhhh, any chance you have a sister or an auntie?

        • Bulkster’s Male Lover

          Last week you were the sister, but this week I can be the sister. Or do you want to flip a coin?

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