Stephanie Replies to AJ, Mysterio Going In for Surgery, Sheamus Video

Posted by Matt Boone June 19, 2013 4 Comments

- WWE posted an alternate ending for the “1-800-FELLA” Sheamus commercial:

– As noted before, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee tweeted Stephanie McMahon after Monday’s RAW:

“Hey @StephMcMahon , ya wanna know something? You’re pretty scary. But I’m scarier. Until we meet again…”

Stephanie replied on Tuesday:

“Careful what u wish 4″

– Rey Mysterio thanked his 1 million Twitter followers last night and noted that he was on his way to Pensacola, Florida for a minor procedure with Dr. James Andrews today.

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    • Beer Money Jobber

      I see an AJ vs Steph having a bitch slapping match in my crystal ball. Steph will mop the floor with that scrawny skank.
      Mysterio having a minor procedure???….hmmm, I guess Dr. Andrews has to remove a marijuana deposit.

    • It’s all right there

      Does it matter? Having zigg lose his belt, and AJ win hers in the same night makes the whole thing a wash. They should have been champions at the same time. Not to mention that creative is really stupid, why try to make zigg a face? He is a born heel, all his success comes from being a heel. U also make Del rio look stupid flopping him around so much. Zigg gets the belt 1 month and they decide fan reaction needs him to be a good guy. Really stupid, just horrible. Wwe has lost its long game, it only sees the short rbi’s not the homeruns that are right there to be had. AJ’s win would have helped dolph look better as champ to, they really don’t know what their doing anymore.

      • Derp.

        Dolph already turned face unintentionally, they didn’t even have to try to turn him. When he won the title the fans went wild. He was so over. Every time dolph stepped in the ring and got the 3 count he was greeted by screaming fans. Sometime’s that just happens. Dolph is better as a heel, yes, but he became a face whether he meant to or not. Just like with Daniel Bryan, when he started the whole “YES!” chant down the ramp, he meant for it to be annoying to bother people by saying it over and over again, because at the time he was trying to be a heel, but it turned out to be this huge global response that people backed him up with.

    • Derp

      How is Stephanie scary? She just screeches a lot when she yells and hurts your ear drums. That’s not scary.

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