Steve Austin Predicts Next WWE Mega-Star, Talks Cesaro, Rollins, Reigns & More

Posted by Matt Boone June 26, 2014 3 Comments

The following are highlights of a recent Between The Ropes interview with “Stone Cold” :

Which WWE star would have the least difficult time on “The ”: “I think and Antonio might be able to get through the course. But you know, they would have to get through the challenges first and had the competitions and then take on the course. It would be (laughs) very interesting to see Seth Rollins compete against Antonio at the Broken Skull Challenge.”

Next mainstream star in WWE: “Whew, that’s a great question. There’s three guys who have big superstars written on them. I think is one of them, Cesaro is one of them, but when I got to mention the guy your asking for is . He happens to be related to The Rock. Good looking kid, damn good worker in the ring, I want to know some more about his promos. But man, if I got to look at the roster right now and say whose my next megastar, his name is .”

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