Steve Austin Says CM Punk Needs More Intensity

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin spoke to the UK Sun this week to promote the DVD release of his latest action movie, Recoil. Here are some highlights of what Austin said about:

Hell in a Cell “Saving” WrestleMania 28:

“The Undertaker and Triple H match made it special. Going into it, I thought how will they better last year? How do you follow something like that? But they did. It was at about the 8-10 minute mark when I saw them dig beyond the solid work they had done and pull out all of the stops. Shawn Michaels was a real benefit there too. He was perfect in his referee role. I believe the match they had was off the charts. If it hadn’t been for it, the event would have failed. It was very average until then.”

Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar & WWE’s Main Event Scene:

“I felt bad for Daniel Bryan, as his match with Sheamus was so short and I really wanted him to get the chance to shine. He is a great kid and he can work, you just want to see him work and he didn’t get that chance there. I hope they use him better down the line as there aren’t a lot of guys that truly work like he does. Daniel does need some polishing on his promos, but then so do a lot of the guys there.”

“There are a few prime spots for main eventers now and the WWE need to push some guys into them. They have Brock Lesnar back and he is a real monster, he also has his UFC success behind him too. He is right in at main event level. You have Cena there too and then they have very limited opponents. The job now is to move people to that position.”

Is CM Punk The Right Opponent If He Returns To The Ring?

“Maybe Punk’s not the guy to go against. He needs to pick up his intensity. We’ll have to see what I do, I’m happy now doing what I am. In a perfect world, where I could step back into the ring for one last match I would be willing to have that discussion with management. I do miss the business and working a live crowd, going out there and wrestling your hearts out.”