Steve Austin Says WWE Needs To Stop Scripting Promos

Posted by Brad Davis July 7, 2014 12 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke to Chris Hughes of Brighthouse Sports Network last week to promote his new Broken Skull Challenge show on CMT.

During the interview, Austin talked about WWE writers over-scripting promos for wrestlers and how it prevents the talent from finding their identities and connecting with the audience.

“I disagree with (scripting). I think the nature of a promo has to come from your heart and your guts and you have to mean everything that you’re saying. Now is the perfect time to go back to that formula.”

“You learn to sink or swim. And guys and gals will start to learn to swim again. That’s what’s going to make the product feel more organic, more spontaneous and more real.”

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    • josh

      I agree. Austin was the best at cutting promos along with rock, savage, and a few others.
      I’d rather see austin back and doing business with wwe then I would rock though.

      • joelphim5

        U suck josh

        • josh

          You suck joel. This is just wishful thinking, but wwe should bring back tv14 wrestling. Let wrestlers try at non scripted promos and see who is great, can get great fast, and who needs work, and build up them skills for the ones that need work.

      • Pixie of Oi

        I’d rather see The Viper Randy Orton back and kicking ass on and beating/defeating opponnents!
        I’d be psyched!

        • Zyphery72

          How the hell’s he supposed to do that?! What are you talking about?? He is a heel and a bad guy. He is not about to just go along with and do what you freaking want just because you like him and want him to!
          He’s not going to do it.
          He doesn’t care or give a damn about what or about anything that you want!

    • Nicholas Williams

      There are very few now a days that can cut a great promo. Dont get me wrong there are a good bit that can cut good or okay promos, but not many can cut a great promo. So If they stopped scripting promos they would have a lot of new “mouth pieces” in wrestling.

      • RKO Viper # 1 RULES

        The Viper Randy Orton can and does cut superbly excellent promos and performs fantastically well in matches!!! He also exceeds and does extremely well when he uses his facial expressions, body language, attitude and eye contact! He’s absolutely incredible when he does a staredown, then goes after and attacks and kicks ass on his opponnent(s)!!!

        • Feathercut Punch

          Randy Orton’s basically really gotten extremely stuck with having to and being forced into having to go along with being a heel and having a bearded look and having to be stuck in some kinda so-called, “relationship” that’s romantic with that girl, Kim Marie…ALL OF WHICH IS EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE, OBJECTIONABLE, WRONGFUL, & HURTFUL SUCKFEST, NO – GOOD, LOUSY, DESPICABLE, HATEFUL MOTHERFUCKING SCUMMY AWFUL GODDAMN CRAP!!!!!

          • Will $teel

            lol stop arguein wit yourself. We all kno that all these “different” accounts talking bout Orton r from the same person. Shit im a huge Orton fan but hes a TERRIBLE face. Bein a heel is what he is good at.

    • joelphim5

      Austin suck

    • joelphim5

      Nobody knows how to wrestle any more

      • Pixie of Oi

        The Viper Randy Orton does know how to wrestle and fight! But he seems to be forgetting that I want to see him get back at and get revenge on:
        John Cena
        Roman Reigns
        and opponnents he faces against that get to win but don’t deserve to win against him!!!

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