Steve Austin Speaks On Whether Or Not Chris Benoit Should Be In The WWE HOF

Posted by Matt Boone December 21, 2013 11 Comments

WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of the late Chris Benoit being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Regarding the subject, Austin said on a recent podcast, “Well first and foremost, what I think about Chris Benoit is that guy was one of the most nicest guys I ever met in my life. He’s one of the most talented, hard working cats I’d ever seen in the squared circle. Anybody who knew Chris would tell you those exact two things. That guy loved the damn wrestling business, he was born to be a wrestler and was absolutely phenomenal. Drawing a lot of his influence from The Dynamite Kid, he blazed a path as the Pegasus Kid and his legacy as The Crippler Chris Benoit was just one hellacious career.”

Austin continued, “One night, Chris ended up killing his wife and his kid. That is an act so terrible and horrible I can’t even comprehend or guess as to what happened in that house. That will always overshadow any accomplishment Chris had in the ring. He’ll never be in the Hall of Fame, it will just never happen. His career will speak for itself but his record as a human being, his first and foremost, and those actions will never be forgotten. That’s my feelings on that, we don’t even need to talk about the Hall of Fame. Speaking for myself, Chris Benoit as the person I knew, loved him. Chris Benoit as a wrestler, loved him. Chris Benoit as the person who did what he did, unforgivable. Bottom line.”

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    • JT

      Sad, but right on the money. At the time; he was my favorite wrestler.

    • Gerry Grgich

      “I cant even begin to comprehend killing your wife. Ill beat a bitch but Stone Cold aint no killer!”

      • Guest

        Uh-Oh we got a badass on our hands.

    • George Flegel

      Well said. As much as a jackass can be, Steve was right on the money with his comments. Chris was a great wrestler, if not one of the greatest of all-time. Unfortunately and tragically, his final act will forever define him.

    • Kris Godwin

      I agree with whatmost of Austin said, but I think ‘unforgivable’ is a little harsh. Who knew WHAT went through Benoit’s head during that night? It was a definite possibility he may not even knew what he was doing as he committed those crimes – his brain was mangled beyond recognition.

      • Will $teel

        Its harsh, but Benoit’s act was as harsh as it gets. If he was miserable he should of just offed himself, no need to take your wife and young child with you. I agree he wasnt in the right mindframe, no one who does something that heinous ever is, however, he did what he did and must forever be punished for it.

        • Guest

          “If he was miserable he should of just offed himself,”

          Make sense encourage an individual who had psychological/mental issues to commit suicide, it’s not like wrestling has had enough of those.

          “he did what he did and must forever punished for it.”

          The guys dead you could literally piss on his grave and it would have no effect.

          • Will $teel

            Actually, I did just that the other day haha and i meant his legacy. Thats all any wrestler ever has to leave behind and now a big part of his legacy is the murdering of his family. Benoit was one of my favorites, but no matter how you try to rationalize it, his act is unforgiveable just as Austin stated

            • Guest

              “his act is unforgiveable”

              True but at the same time that shouldn’t disqualify from the annals of wrestling history I mean yeah he murdered his family, though that’s was brought on by his psychological problems instead of him outright doing it in cold blood.

    • Wrestlingfan89

      Here is the one thing that I disagree with. Elvis, one of the greatest musicians die because of drug abuse. Drugs are bad enough, but he made it into the rock and roll hall of fame, for his contribution to music, his drug addiction did not stop him from being but into the hall of fame. So I think Chris should be in the hall of fame because he put his body on the line to entertain people not to be scrutinized about his history. I can name tons of wrestler who used drugs and steroids yet still made it in the hall of fame or will be soon enough.

      • Guest

        Um as much as agree should that Chris should be in the Hall Of Fame your comparison is kind of wrong.

        Taking drugs especially recreational drugs isn’t a bad thing, if on the otherhand say you do something like say kill somebody under the influence of those drugs or are selling them and one of your buyer’s OD’s that’s bad.

        Elvis is in the hall of fame because while he did take drugs (and wasn’t the only star of his generation to do so) his taking drugs wasn’t a strike against him. Unlike Chris Benoit who while he may have not intended to kill his wife & son still committed an act that for many disqualifies him from being elevated to such a position.

        But hey Chris is in the Wrestling Newsletter’s Hall Of Fame.

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