Steve Austin Talks Punk/Bryan Controversies, Update On Extreme Rules Location

Posted by Matt Boone February 3, 2014 3 Comments

- WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin taped an episode of his “Unleashed” podcast today where he took phone calls from fans on current WWE controversies, such as the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan situations. Austin was joined during the show by Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer. The episode is expected to air this Thursday.

– The Key Arena website has removed their Facebook post regarding WWE Extreme Rules not being booked for May. The post, which is no longer featured, originally read as follows:

“Unfortunately we do not have WWE on May 4th. We are aware of the rumors that have been circulating. We love having the WWE and WWE Fans in our building and can’t wait to have them back!”

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    • Thomas A Marcoux Sr.

      Wwe cant go without attacking danial bryan because vince has his heros and wants wwe universe to follow his lead but it does not work that way personally i dont care for punks style however danial bryan proved over and over again this is his time to hulk out the crowd and with all his hard work and determination he is no doupt the best in the business and hhh is finding that hard to swallow danial b is a very talented superstar that has no respect from anyone in the company if they would have let him carry the belt like all other stars that had it minus the bs from corporate the show wouldve been soooo much better to watch you see vince no one will ever forget the screw jobs youve done like the one you did to bret heart and its always because you wanted things to go your own selfish ways not the fans ways but you dont pay the fans the fans pay you if you where as smart as you claim to be youd see what the fans want change it up before you ruin what your father (whose probably tossing in his grave at what youve done) has created and stop being selfish and btw if hhh was any good hed still be wrestling and not just a crying hide behind a skirt coo who hasnt done anything since shaun michaels has been gone. And kane give me a break finishing his career in a suit at least the undertaker didnt and hopefully now that i said that they dont force him to also. Hogan carried wwe and made it what it is today if it wherent for hogan wwe would probably cease to exist truth hurt vince truth is if you let creative do thier job itd probably be a more interesting show to watch the soap opera crap your trying to feed us fans suck the show could be so much better if you where to see how it worked in the past for one change up alot of things aswell like the womans devision making tag team belts and differant weight class belts bring back midgetts clowns and managers stop the coo from looking jealous over danial bryans victories and give hhh a differant role make hhh look better by replacing cole with him and have him be a real authority figure at ringside so the matches arent always screwed up by interferance and much much more ….

    • minthaka

      you don’t care about CM punk ? he’s the BEST in the World ! …WWE will never be CM punk …..Got it Mr.Thomas ?

    • minthaka

      Seriously …’s not worth to watch WWE …if PUNK is not
      there anymore …..really disappointed with the so cold Authority

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