Sting Says He Wants To Wrestle Undertaker In His Final Match

Posted by Brad Davis March 15, 2014 24 Comments

Sting held a Q&A session last night at the Camden Highlight Club in London, England and spoke about  a number of topics, including wanting to wrestle The Undertaker, his favorite opponents, WCW and more. Here are some highlights, courtesy of Rihan of the Road to WrestleMania 30 blog:

* He wants to face The Undertaker in his final match. That’s the only match that’s left for him to do.

* He’s been watching Undertaker matches on Youtube, including Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels from WrestleMania.

* He hasn’t watched the TNA product since he left, but has been purposefully watching RAW for the past few week

* He didn’t feel that Hogan took his spot when he joined WCW

* Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle are the top two pro wrestlers he’s worked with

* Scott Hall is the man responsible for his Crow gimmick

* He discovered Goldberg and brought him into WCW. Goldberg had been working out at he and Lex Luger’s gym in Atlanta

* He’s disappointed he never got to have a proper feud with Bret Hart in WCW

* His three favorite matches were vs. Flair for 45 minutes at Clash Of Champions 88, his first World Title victory and Starrcade 97 vs. Hulk Hogan

* He disliked working with Vampiro in WCW & he wasn’t fond of working with Robocop

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    • bleek

      Wrestlemania 31 sting n undertaker….

    • ShouldveLeftTNAEarlier

      Would have been so much better if it were this year. At least we’d have a true main event. Now we have to wait until next year as both men continue to age and get out of shape. Not much left in the tank for either.

      • Bam Bam

        It gives them a year to train and get in ring shape. They can spar with ppl plus they will probably go to the WWE performance center and give a few pointers and can do some stuff while there they let Hogan work out a bit when he toured it.

        • Stung&Undertaken

          Right, but that doesn’t change the fact that they continue to age. That itself is inevitable whether you’re in shape or not.

          • D

            Taker’s matches are consistently among the best on the Mania card each year. Sting will be ready to put together a solid showing and go out in style.

    • Plissken

      At least, he didn”t work with the remake of Robocop…

      • George Flegel

        I remember that Robocop gimmick and it was awful.

    • Derp

      Wait, Sting worked matches with Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels? Or did he just “work” with them?

      • Derp

        Oh wait, I keep forgetting Kurt and Sting are both in TNA. I always forget about that. Kurt’s run in TNA has been 100% forgettable.

        • George Flegel

          I disagree. Angle has had some great matches in TNA.

          • Derp

            He has, but I’ve forgotten about all of them.

            • George Flegel

              LFMAO! There’s always YouTube to refresh your memory.

          • Will $teel

            angle vs samoa joe at TNA hard justice is 1 of my fav matches of all time. dont remember the yr but it was multiple yrs ago

    • Bulkster

      I think the ship has sailed on Sting vs Undertaker. We’ll see whats left of Undertaker when Brock is finished with him though.

    • George Flegel

      If anyone deserves to break Taker’s record, it’s Sting. Sting is arguably one of the greatest of all time and it’s too bad he hasn’t face Taker yet. Another great dream match would be Kane, the Big Red Monster (not Corporate Kane, ugh), vs the Monster Abyss. That would be a great way for Kane to retire.

      • ragin

        really sting break the streak I don’t think sting should break it because he hasn’t done anything beside wrestle in the kiddies pool(tna) plus sting has to earn the match with taker not just give it to him

        • George Flegel

          I wouldn’t exactly say Sting hasn’t done nothing since his WCW days. Sting was already an icon before the demise of WCW and has had some great matches in TNA. TNA is by no means on par with WWE as far as a company, but they have some great talent and have put out some great matches over the years. Unfortunately, TNA has made some poor business decisions, mainly trying to go head-to-head with WWE and taking on dumber and dumber, Hogan and Bischoff. Regardless of whether Sting breaks the streak, I would love to see him face Taker. It’s long overdue.

        • Dan Nighteowl

          excuse me , WCW ??

        • kp

          Dude shut up

      • tyler breeze

        uhhh.. sting could’ve come to WWE plenty of times! His own “creative control” and money was always the problem.Let him face Taker, yes,…. draw money and ratings.. but break the streak… no way!

        • Ryan Allen Shadman

          That’s not exactly why he didn’t goto to WWE. There is a video interview of him explaining it.

    • Ry5060

      I say Ayeee If Stings Got One More Match In Him Why SHOULDN’T It Be With The Undertaker? Headlines Would Be Everywhere The Phenom VS The Icon!!!

    • TheMachineX2

      this is a joke. both these guys are way past their prime. sting doesn’t deserve the break takers record all sting has ever done is wrestle for a 2nd . 3rd , or 4th rate wrestling company his entire career.

    • Dave

      At the Q&A, Sting effectively said that at this stage in his career that a win against Undertaker isn’t what matters, just the match. He wouldn’t end the streak, I don’t think he would want to. But the match must happen!

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