Sting Suffers Injury At Impact Taping

Source: The Wrestling Observer

NOTE: The following contains a spoiler for the February 9th episode of TNA Impact.

Stephen Lyon sent this along:

“In a match for the Feb 9th go-home Impact, it was Sting & Storm over Roode & Ray. Sting blew out his heel in an innocuous looking spot. Sting made Roode submit in the scorpion for the finish, then ref Brian Hebner did the X sign with his arms and sprinted down the aisle to the back to get help. Sting did a brief promo praising the fans, then said he’d heard something pop in his heel. Sting then brawled very gingerly with Bully Ray to the back, scuppering what appeared to be a Hogan & Sting & Storm vs Roode & Ray & Angle dark match. Instead, Hogan & Storm did a 2 on 3 cleaning house, before the Hogan pose down.”

He has since tweeted and said his injury is not serious. He said: “Sorry for not tweeting til now…Although i couldn’t finish the way you all deserved last night I believe my injury is not serious… I could have stayed all night last night! Wrestling fans do NOT get any better!! Thank you London – You Rock!!!!”