Sting Talks Wanting to Face Undertaker at WrestleMania

Posted by Matt Boone June 7, 2013 26 Comments

Sting spoke about the possibility of jumping to WWE and wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 during a recenter interview with the VOC Nation Radio Network.

“It’s no secret. I’ve always wanted to wrestle Undertaker; I’ve said that for years. And who would not want to work WrestleMania?”

Sting spoke to WWE two years ago about joining the company, but a deal never materialized:

“I do an annual contract every year and the rumors start right around January. The year that they did the (black and white) vignettes (in 2011), I had nothing to do with it and I had no conversations with the WWE at that time. Shortly afterward there were conversations (with WWE) just by happenstance but nothing official.”

Even though a move to WWE seems unlikely after all these years, he did say that it felt as if his TNA Hall of Fame induction last year was TNA’s way of “putting me out to pasture,” despite Dixie Carter saying that is “absolutely not” the case.

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    • hmw

      sting need a wrestle mania match

    • Drag Da 1

      I want to see the ICON vs the PHENOM. That’s a once in a lifetime match. like Hogan n warrior.

    • Derp.

      Sting and Taker would be so worth it. I’d pay to see that, hands down.

    • Not Chris Jericho

      Now THAT would be a Wrestlemania 30 main event. For the love of God make it happen!!

      • morrisonfanone

        From what I heard Sting doesn’t like Vince. But if he’s talking about it, it might be a sign that he’s up for it.

    • Cenan1

      Sting (face) vs Taker (heel) and a double turn on Wrestlemania, with Taker winning via Hells Gate in a hardfought match. Propably a no holds barred, or maybe a submission match even intitled as Scorpion Death Lock vs Hells Gate. MARK OUT MOMENT FOR THE AGES. Maybe not a 5star wrestling match but a F`N mark out moment forever. Two paranormal gimmicks, guys who re immortall. Great show. Vince put your money on the table, and Sting take that opportunity! Cause noobdy gives a crap about you until u have a WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT, against Taker would be and INSTANT CLASSIC

      • morrisonfanone

        I don’t know if they could do a no holds barred match. They’re both getting up there. They’re both still going strong, though.

    • George Flegel

      I would be epic as fuck. Make it happen Vince!

    • The Peoples Champ

      I think Sting and Vince should just put their differences aside and make this match. They would both make bank, and it’s something the fans want. More importantly it’s something, that both Sting and The Undertaker want. This would be a huge once in a lifetime match, and would be just incredible. #ICONVSPHENOM #WM30

    • ggny

      It would be an amazing Once in a Lifetime match…Till the WWE does it exactly the same at the next years WM and tries to act like it never happened before

      • morrisonfanone

        They couldn’t say it never happened. That match would get so much buzz, there’s no way they could pull that off.

    • cj12

      sting vs tacker will be awesome

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Sting vs Taker would create such a buzz in the WWE that it hasn’t had in a very long time. This would be a marquee match for WM XXX in New Orleans. C’mon Vinnie, make it happen, it’s way better than another lame ass rock vs Cena match.

    • T 980

      If Wrestlemania featured only one match and it was this, I would gladly be raped by their pricing to watch this happen

      • morrisonfanone

        I would happily sit through a ton of horrible matches if the prize was seeing that in the main event.

    • morrisonfanone

      I would love to see that match. I’ve been saying that for years. It would be the biggest match in WrestleMania history.

    • joe dittmore

      Sting vs taker make it happen steph hhh vince make this dream match happen sting is the icon to break taker streak at Wrestlemania 30

    • Lord of Pain Australia

      Sting vs Undertaker should either be the streak ending match OR Undertakers Retirement match, whenever it shall be. It is the Ultimate Dream Match and should be reserved for the ultimate finale.

    • TheDude

      Sting needs to get over his dislike of VInce and do it for us fans. It would be so monumental and is exactly what WWE needs right now.

    • TheDude

      I mean just think about a card with Sting vs Taker and Punk vs Austin. I don’t think they could top that ever again.

    • Jerry

      Sorry, maybe I’m in minority, but Sting has lost his “sting” when compared to Undertaker’s mystique. Seriously, Sting has been a horrible over-acting old man on TNA. Clearly Taker is only making a few appearances annually and Sting would be a good finale’ but PLEASE don’t let a Sting end the streak. Honestly the only ones that should be discussed as “Streak” enders are: Stone Cold…and Ric Flair…We know that Flair is too old to sell a legit match, leaving only Stone Cold as an option.

      • who cares

        Stone Cold’s knees are in terrible shape and I doubt he could go even one more match of that caliber.

    • chris

      Rock/Cena talked about “Once in a Lifetime” type match for last 2 wrestlemanias. Vince and WWE should go big for WM30. I’m talking….Sting vs. Taker, Austin vs. Punk, Lesnar vs. Batista, Rock vs. HHH, Jericho vs. Mysterio,

    • wastelander

      2 immortals….this match would never end!

    • TheWarzone1

      Just the promos these guys could put into this leading up to the match would make it insane.

    • y2jholic

      a great match in whole wrestling history

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