Sting Teaming with Kurt Angle, Impact Rewind, Joey Ryan Note

Posted by Matt Boone November 8, 2012 4 Comments

- Embedded below is the latest Impact Wrestling Rewind.

– Joey Ryan turns 33 years old today.

– Sting and Kurt Angle will face two members of Aces & 8’s on tomorrow’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

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    • Vince Russo

      Here is a sweet idea for open fuck night, In the main event I will face Jeff Hardy in a meth on a pole match for the world heavyweight championship, then Hogan comes out with a raging hard on and fucks me in the ass so hard I shit out of my dick, on the who cares card (mid card) its gonna be a stripper on a pole match for the knockouts championship Tara will have to be a better stripper if she wants to keep that belt for the challenger is Miley Cyrus and a tag team match it will be the old and broken necks taking on aces and 8s in a loser must get fucked up the ass by Pat Patterson match also Rob Van Dam teams up with Super Bong to take on Mr Crack and The Bloody Needle in a steel cage weed on a pole match

      • Kurt Angle

        Russo I could fuck you up the ass harder then Hogan, With A Broken Freaking Neck!

      • HollyWood Hogan

        I was offered to kill Benoit’s family… But I Turned It Down Brotha! BROTHA! Brotha Brotha BROTHA!

    • shane-o-mac

      Who cares about sting and angle teaming up? Look I like tna but come on, how many times have us tna fans seen angle vs sting or angle and sting team up? Tna has many other wrestlers they can use. Stop doing wwe and start doing tna, and I mean that as in wwe just keeps using the same wrestlers on tv and now tna is starting to do the same thing.

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