Sting Tweets Cryptic Date: 7.14.14 (Next Monday)

Posted by Brad Davis July 8, 2014 5 Comments

Wrestling legend Sting posted the following cryptic tweet:

July 14th is next Monday, when WWE will be taping RAW from Richmond, Virginia.

While this will lead to a lot of speculation that Sting could be appearing on RAW, it’s more likely that this has something to do with Sting’s involvement in the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game.

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    • Matt Rayfield

      If Sting were appearing on Raw for the first time ever, he would have been making promos for his appearance like they did for Undertaker or Jericho to have people guessing. So it might only be just that a video game appearance at the most.

      • Lee Macko

        Or…perhaps the promos start next Monday?

        • Matt Rayfield

          If they are starting Monday then that is a bad time to do it. When we have no idea if Steve Sting Borden has even signed a deal to make some WWE Appearances before even going into the WWE HOF to begin with. We need to know if he has officially signed a contract and crossed his t’s and dotted his I’s yet or not.

    • Jeremy

      At one point I was all for Sting to join WWE and see him go against Taker or maybe even Kane. Now, I dont think he could really put on a good match unless its against someone who can carry it and make him look good. It would be awesome to have Sting as a playable in WWE 2K15 and everyone could make their own Sting vs Taker Mania match.

    • Norman Hammond

      All the These Rumors think they know what’s going to happen or what Sting “Steve” is going to do. People just wait and see what happen’s. I can almost bank on it being him in the WWE2K15 that’s a no brainier people. I think Sting would love to through everyone off and appear on Raw Monday. So don’t go say it’s unlikey he will appear on Raw cause you don’t have a damn clue what Sting is going to do.

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