Storyline Update on Brad Maddox, WWE Referees Speak Out

Posted by Matt Boone November 2, 2012 8 Comments

- WWE’s website has a new article up looking at Brad Maddox and his childhood, his WWE developmental past and more. We noted before that in the storylines, Maddox had been summoned to the WWE Board of Directors on Thursday.

WWE now reports that the suspended Maddox stood before WWE’s Board of Inquiry to answer for his actions at Hell In a Cell but details from the closed-door meeting are now sealed and Maddox’s attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt is refraining from making a public statement pending the conclusion of the inquiry. For what it’s worth, there is a real attorney named Jeffrey Goldblatt in the New Jersey area.

WWE released the following video of officials discussing the Maddox controversy:

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    • Earl Hebner

      Not this again…

    • Kurt Angle

      I could screw Ryback… With A Broken Freaking Neck!


        FLYING DAD BOMB!!!

        • Ric Flair

          WOOOOO! Damn right Benoit you make that boy tap out like a bitch WOOOO! oh he is dead… WOOOO! Hey Vince when are you gonna sign me back to the WWE already? WOOOO!

    • 40 dawg

      I have no balls and my dick is tiny

    • Bird 2.0

      Gee I thought the replacement refs for the NFL were gone for good, turns out they just came to WWE smh

    • naaaah

      maddox is a fucking boy band, i hate hell in a cell.

    • Kage

      Shane Sewell?

      Or ‘Jackson James’?

      Isn’t ANYTHING is wrestling original anymore?

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