SummerSlam 2012 Poster Featuring Brock Lesnar

Posted by Michael Bluth June 20, 2012 16 Comments

Check out the SummerSlam PPV poster that Triple H showed off on RAW featuring Brock Lesnar:

  • NoLikeyLesnar

    When does he die?

    • Brock Lesnar

      I’m not Dead

  • mistico

    Let me guess… Lesnar will be there?

    • WWE

      special guest commentator lol

  • Ice

    He’s not entertaining no more. I was went crazy when his entrance hit, and made his return the night after Wrestlemania. I thought this can bring some changes and make it a lil more entertaining to watch but damn did i fool myself.

    • WWE Fan

      yeah WWE crapped all over Lesnars Return. Imagine if they made him a face and had him beat Cena in his return. That simple little idea would have made WWE a fortune instead of the complete mess their so called creative team came up with for him. I now don’t care either way if he returns or not, that’s how much they screwed it up. I agree that when his music hit that night it was electric!, after that the excitement got flushed with all the other turds.

      • Ice

        I can imagine if they give us one night to think of stories and matches, i think we as fans can do a better job than these professionals in the creative team.

        • wwe sucks

          yeah i dont know what degree has creative team have.. they dont seem to be qualified…

      • wwe sucks

        yeah but then kids dont cop up to see heel cena… they want the supergayman cena… and thats wwe been doing past 8 years…. but lesner face and won over cena to make him heel.. that would be grown up business and drawing interest

  • Broski

    Brock Lesnar is money! His last match with Cena is a good one!

  • HHH

    He will bow before the king of kings

  • jeet

    hey brock i am sure that triple hhhh ll kick ur asssssssssss and if u not done with that i have two words for u suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk itttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • rik roy

    brock lesnar realy perfct strom..i hope tripa h going to hosptal..

  • suvojit banerjee

    hey brock i m bonbon u nd me nxt match u nd me one n one..i say u nxt match…ur wwe feutire end…

  • suvojit banerjee

    hey brock u fucking boy..brock u cl me my no-8820342492

  • Shubham Chauhan

    i like brock lesanar triple h not win nd lesnar is smmer slam winner

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