SummerSlam Plans for Charlie Sheen & Daniel Bryan

Posted by Matt Boone August 2, 2012 4 Comments

As of last week, WWE’s plans are not to have Daniel Bryan wrestle against Charlie Sheen at SummerSlam, but rather to build up to shooting an angle at the pay-per-view. If anything were to happen it will most likely be where Sheen slaps Bryan, or throws a drink on him or whatever physical spot they have planned. The idea behind this move is to help SummerSlam buys and also to film something that might get some media attention.

One person within WWE said that the “first” angle would be shot at SummerSlam, which indicates there may be more planned with Sheen in the following months. All of it is being done to help promote Sheen’s new Anger Management TV show.


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    • b-ri

      REALLY!!!!???? DB is too good for this BS !!!!

      • Original CM Punk

        Did you say the same thing when it was Rowdy Roddy and Mr. T? Did you say the same thing when it was Stone Cold and Mike Tyson?

        • b-ri

          both examples you gave were matches with people who actually gave a damn about wrestling T and Tyson love wrestling Charlie Sheen is trying to promote his show BIG DIFFERENCE !!!

    • 40 dawg

      It’s the beginning of the end for bryan. Having someone of bryans talent being reduced to doing some stupid a– storyline with a non wrestler is a waste of bryan’s time. What is he gonna be the new santino? Matter of fact that’s what vince should of done, havve a clown wrestler like santino do the angle not a wrestler like bryan with actual skill and talent.

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