SummerSlam Poster Reveals Major Potential MITB SPOILER

Posted by Brad Davis June 25, 2014 31 Comments just added the WWE SummerSlam 2014 DVD to their online store – and the cover art contains a MAJOR spoiler for Sunday’s ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money In The Bank.

As you can see below – the main event of SummerSlam will fact feature Brock Lesnar. If this DVD cover is any indication, it’s clear that John Cena will be Lesnar’s opponent – a very, very strong indication that Cena will be walking out of Money in the Bank with championship gold.

Here’s the SummerSlam artwork in question:

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    • Alaster


      • Bootboy Crew 84

        I too have been wanting to see and am looking forward to such a main event type matchup between either Cena or Lesnar vs. The Viper Randy Orton!

    • Darth Vader


    • UltraManTits Black

      Jesus. Why do people keep buying into Cena’s tired, regurgitated Hulk Hogan knock off character? So boring. Speaking of boring: Brock Lesnar. Decent in the ring, boring as hell on the mic. Summerslam will suck if this happens.

      • Pixie Stix Candie

        Cena always being forced on everyone as champion in WWE which has definitely become extremely offensive, objectionable, lousy, and unfair.
        If anyone does think that John Cena is going to win at the MITB or will be allowed to, then don’t order or buy the pay-per-view. That alone has caused me to decide that I’d just stop ordering and buying WWE pay-per-views any longer. Cena is why I don’t order pay-per-views or buy recent WWE pay-per-view events.
        If WWE is in things solely for the money then by having John Cena in the main event they are going to end up losing money instead of making money.
        If they want to have fans enjoy WWE they’d have John Cena be allowed to TEMPORARILY gain the WWE WH Championship title, then put John Cena in a feud against and put over a guy who does deserve to be champion….and who has put over other guys in WWE….

        And who might that be??
        The incredibly handsome-looking, adorable, clean shaven badass-lookking, intense, cool, strong, vulnerable, kind, sweet, intimidating-looking guy he used to be….THE VIPER: RANDY KEITH ORTON!!! BUT I’d have him be allowed to do things like….for example, say that John Cena says or does something insulting and objectionable to Randy….like in a promo or during a match or pay-per-view, so The Viper gets mad and ambushes Cena attacking him for it and then The Viper leaves Cena laying there to think about the fact
        that he antagonized and provoked Randy and disrespected him so that next time…..John Cena gets put into an I Quit match with him. Which John Cena loses and has to say….and not just say, “I QUIT!” Live on pay-per-view but has to show by his actions that he has given up and has quit.

        You remember the WWE One Night Stand PPV — Sunday- June 1st – Last Man Standing match between Triple H and Randy Orton?? I cried a helluva lot when Randy broke his collarbone and I was worried about him…..but right now, I am more worried about him because of him changing his in-ring look/appearance so drastically from how he used to look. As well as how he cuts promos, wrestles in matches in such a way now that makes him look
        awful in comparison to how he used to be the ABSOLUTE BEST wrestler and person in WWE!!!

        I know it’s asking a lot for or to be able to have and allow Randy Orton to get payback against John Cena for hurtful, embarrassing, bullying, Cena did as well as also mocking, making fun of The Viper – Randy Orton…by saying and doing things that John Cena has said and done in the past to Randy Orton which were antagonistic, unfair, objectionable, wrong, lousy, mean, bad, no-good, awful, irritating, annoying, offensive, unkind and hurtful, and that Randy wasn’t allowed to attack John Cena back for saying and doing that stuff to him.

        I promised myself I will make myself hold it together and not allow John Cena to make me so pissed that I just jump over rails and barricades to the ring and physically attack him for things he was saying and doing things to MY Viper – Randy Orton.

        Yet Cena is still doing things—- but not just to MY Viper Randy Orton but is doing things I don’t iike or want… people in WWE like Superstars…and to people who are in WWE as well those watching WWE! That sucks tremendously hellaciously, objectionably, lousily, unfairly, wrongly and hatefully!

        What they’d need to do is allow Randy to be the incredibly handsome, astonishingly good looking, adorably super-cute, clean shaven, badass, resilient, good, honest, cool, intense, interesting, funny, terrific, loyal, strong, fun guy — known as: The Viper in WWE again!

        I do know that in order to actually marry him in a way that is official I’ll need to attend college, get employment, get a vehicle, save the money to move to Orlando, FL, get a place to live that’ll allow me to have one or two dogs, with me…. and go train at WWE’s Performance Center. Then get into WWE and onto Monday Night RAW. Marry The Viper Randy Orton.

        He’s the most incredible, amazing guy ever!!!!

        • UltraManTits Black

          Meh, Orton is already over, that would be a waste. here’s a long overdue idea:

          Use Cena’s squeaky clean, Captain America, “hey, look at my dimples” image to put over the next big name and then (brace yourselves) TURN CENA HEEL.

          Heel Cena. I’d watch that.

          • Concur Ancy

            But how can John Cena be a heel? He already is one. If you say he’s a babyface, then it could be said that he’s a heel
            Or vice versa good sir. Same goes for Randy Orton as well as for other superstars in WWE.

            • UltraManTits Black

              Cena’s a “heel” because adults and long-time wrestling fans are bored of him. I’m advocating turning him into an intentional heel; as in written into the show that way. His character is a knock off of Hulk Hogan in many ways already, so why not turn him much the same way that Hogan turned when he joined the NWO?

    • Stephen Findall

      WWE is in it for the money, That’s it, could care less for what most fans want to see. So there is No better way to earn big bucks at your big summer ppv then putting your biggest money maker v.s. the Biggest part time money maker you have.

      • Odin

        But WWE also does things for fans.

        WWE does do things that are good, interesting, anticipated, funny, comical, positive, helpful, encouraging, and enjoyable, special and wonderful for fans.

    • Joseph James

      Robert Downey Jr’s voice from the Avengers: “Son of a Bi*ch”

    • Glen

      John Cena being in the MITB match was a spoiler, didn’t exactly need the poster.

    • D


    • Bam Bam

      Not that I’m in favor of it because I’m not but I can see how they would set the match up. John Cena is Champion Paul heyman comes out there talking about Brock beating and ending Undertaker undefeated streak at Wrestlemania then says Brock Lesner never beat John Cena so here is a rematch from Extreme rules when he first came back cena with his never back down want some come gets some phrases bada bing bada boom there is your Summer slam main event.

      • Warrick

        That SUCKS!!!
        WWE could allow the clean shaven Randy Orton to face against both Cena and Lesnar and he kicks their asses and defeats them!
        Oh HELL YEAH!!!

        • Bam Bam

          Why does everyone want him cleave shaven? Maybe he wants to not be be clean shaven not the thr WWE makeing him.

          • Pixie

            Randy Orton’s NOT been able nor allowed to be at his ultimate and absolute BEST….. when he’s not allowed to be the handsome, super-cute, clean shaven, tough, strong,
            good-hearted, sweet, vulnerable, badass mofo, Skinhead guy with a ton of heart and an irresistable charm all his own…I MISS THE HELL OUT OF HIM being like that!!! I’d ABSOLUTELY, TRMENDOUSLY AND GREATLY APPRECIATE AND LOVE HIM DOING THAT AGAIN…. AND I WOULD BE EXTREMELY THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL TO HIM for going back to looking and behaving that way again!!!!! I’d LOVE & ADORE THAT happening!!!!…..I would definitely worship the very friggin’ ground that he walks on!!
            I mean it’d be ABSOLUTELY REFRESHINGLY COOL AND AWESOMELY FANSTASTIC to see him defeat and beat John Cena, Roman Reigns, or any other guy he’s fighting in matches against….and win matches against his opponnents again!!!!
            HE’S THE BEST!!!!!
            I LOVE HIM!!!

      • Joe Hawkins

        I’d be in favor of Brock Lesnar defeating and beating John Cena. Or John Cena doing that to Brock. Then whichever one of them wins, that guy goes challenging other guys in WWE to step up and fight him. The clean shaven, intimidating looking Skinhead guy—-The Viper – Randy Orton like he looks in the new WWE RAW commercial which is probably not going to be allowed to be aired more often…and might be replaced with a suckfest, awful, lameass, boring, dull, disgraceful as fuck for the umpteenth time—Cena commercial…which is unfair and completely wrong to have happen, as well as messed up!!! But what I’d have happen is that the clean shaven intimidating looking badass mofo Skinhead guy—The Viper Randy Orton comes out and challenges him (Cena or Lesnar) to a match at the next pay per view.
        In a rematch or another logical equation therefore of some type.

        • Priest Angel

          that’d be a cool helluva match to have!

    • Tony

      if I were in charge of the WWE, this is how things would go down starting at MITB: Cena wins the gold and promises Bryan a rematch when he returns. However, The Authority “conveniently” puts Cena in title matches against others-all of which he wins. Cena then tries to explain to Bryan that it is not his fault, but it is revealed that Cena has turned heel. Mr. McMahon returns at some point during this situation, siding with Bryan and sets up a traditional Survivor Series match with Cena and Bryan the respective captains. Bryan wins the championships from Cena after Bryan pins Cena and also disbands The Authority.

      • Jesse

        dumbest shit ive ever read

        • Jake

          That’s the coolest idea I ever read

      • HoneyBadger UFC

        I disagree about having John Cena feud vs. Daniel Bryan because that’s not what fans want to see. It may be what most want to watch because they’re being told that’s what they should want. That isn’t what I want though.
        What I’d have happen would be:
        Cena wins the gold and he promises none other than that badass-looking, handsome, honest, intense, cool, clean shaven guy, better known to all as:
        The Viper Randy Orton…….. a rematch for the championship…The Authority decides to allow for this since they haven’t got anything to lose and have everything to gain by allowing this to happen. Cena can and does antagonize, insult, disrespect, bully……The Viper Randy Orton, just like what he was doing back in 2008-2009 and some of 2010. Except the extremely important difference is……this time…..The clean shaven guy known as, The Viper Randy Orton is allowed to fight back, and win against John Cena. With that, The Authority and Vince McMahon Sr. set up a matches before and after the Survivor Series PPV—John Cena vs. The Viper Randy Keith Orton and….allthough John Cena continues to try to f**k with The Viper Randy Orton….who is allowed to be intimidating and intense when appropriate, fight back, assert himself and refuse to allow John Cena to get away with continuously bullying, hassling, mocking on, making fun of, disrespecting, humiliating and get away with disrespecting, harming, hassling, The Viper Randy Orton or anyone else that is in the WWE and YES. The Viper Randy Orton— HE HAS HAD ENOUGH!!!! And that he doesn’t want John Cena to get away with that sh*t because if he does…..a smallish honeybadger will attack and kick ass on John Cena. Without receiving any kind of legal reprocussions. Meaning that even if the smallish honeybadger physically attacks John Cena, the honeybadger doesn’t get into trouble legally and won’t go to jail, prison or a psych ward.
        Reason for this stipulation is….it’s absolutely necessary.
        Though they could have the fierce little honeybadger be interested in MMA but can’t compete due to health reasons…kidney problems or whatever…so she has to train at home or work out at home….without being allowed to physically fight just yet…..but Randy can fight….and he gets really pissed if any guy tries to pick a fight with her and behaves inappropriately toward her. Especially if she weren’t able to or wasn’t able to physically fight back against a guy who is attacking her.

    • Lucas Tupper

      Wait Battleground is before SummerSlam so there is still a chance that Cena doesn’t win at MitB.

      • Shaquille Burton

        Just means there is a bigger chance Cena wins at Battleground

    • D

      Nobody is on Lesnar’s level right now other than Cena. NOBODY. It’s the obvious matchup, short of bringing the Rock back again. But Rock/Brock II is a WrestleMania main event.

      • Joe Hawkins

        That isn’t true at all. Saying John Cena or The Rock are the only guys or are the only ones on Brock Lesnar’s level….is a lie.
        The clean shaven Randy Orton is on Brock Lesnar’s level. He’s on John Cena’s level. No, The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar or John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar or John Cena vs. The Rock = TOTALLY OBJECTIONABLE, BEEN DONE BEFORE SUCKFEST
        ONLY match worth seeing and having would be:
        The clean shaven Randy Orton vs. John Cena or…vs. Brock Lesnar!!!!
        OR….Randy Orton vs. John Cena and Brock Lesnar in a handicap match.
        And if either of them intentionally go too far, that female honeybadger unleashes aggression against both of em and she doesn’t get into any trouble at all for it!

        • Joe Hawkins

          ^^ I’m in favor of that!

    • Timo Eckert

      I have no problems with that Main-Event, but one thing should happen: The motherfucker (Cena) should lose clean. If cena can´t lose to a LEGIT UFC Fighter it´s an insult to our intelligent, a big ” FUCK YOU UFC “, and it means this “entertainer” not WRESTLER could break the streak too.

      • Kavki

        I have problems with this absolutely idiotic main event between John Cena and Brock Lesnar happening….because they’re desperately trying and attempting to make UFC and Brock Lesnar seem illigetimate by forcing a main event match that seems only to be happening in order to put John Cena over. That sucks and is extremely insulting and wrong.

    • Mike

      1st off seeing the poster doesn’t always mean these two would be involved in a main event match. How many times of the course of how many years have you seen two people featured on the poster? There has been talk for a while that Brock was coming back for Cesaro but, who knows. I don’t believe this changed anything. I don’t think they will give it to Cena if they do it’s because they still aren’t sure what’s going to happen with Bryan. They will not give a guy like Brock the title. He is not the rock they will not give a part time guy the belt. That’s like giving the title to the Undertaker and having him defend it once a year at Wrestlemania. My call is Reigns will get the title. Seth will win the contract and there will be a match between Reigns and HHH at summer slam. Where possibly Seth will cash in. These 2 stars on the cover is just for flash to sell tickets. I don’t believe it has anything to do with any spoilers. Again, that’s just my call everyone else could look at it different but, that’s what I’m calling and we will wait and see.

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