Sunny Cellphone Pictures Leak Online, Justin Roberts’ Big Night

Posted by Brad Davis June 18, 2012 10 Comments

– WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts announced on Twitter that tonight marks his 10 year anniversary as a WWE ring announcer. 10 years ago tonight, he announced his first WWE match between John Cena and Shelton Benjamin. He encouraged his Twitter followers to follow their dreams.

— Counting down to five days remaining on his thirty-day WWE suspension due to denigrating the Brazilian flag at a WWE live event in São Paulo on May 24, Chris Jericho referenced King Kong Bundy’s tendency to demand a five count for pinfalls whenever he dominated his opponent in a squash match:

-King Kong Bundy

— WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is accepting independent bookings for the remainder of the summer and the fall through

Sunny made headlines over the weekend after risque pictures from her cell phone leaked online. The culprit behind the leaked bikini picture is rumored to be an ex boyfriend. The pictures can be viewed here:

[nggallery id=13]

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    • T 980

      So basically…just pics of her how she looks every day, especially on TV. Oooooooo, so scandalous!

    • chris candido

      Headlines??? On what planet did this make Headlines???

      • blecchhh

        the one that has all the people who watched Chyna’s Porn movies…

    • GhostDistortion

      She has a superman tramp stamp? You know what, screw it just being honest with myself I’d still hit it and then try and get the clinic as quick as possible.

    • steveO

      Leaked…..Ha ! Yeah right how this Chick kiddin’ she leaked those herself , and too be honest she should of kept them to herself….

    • josh

      She just looks unclean and cheap.

    • EVL

      Wrestling “news” site my ass. Nice job 24wrestling on being a tabloid. We make fun of our moms n gf’s about this kinda crap n u put it on like it’s okay to spread something humiliating. We should know better

    • Papa Georgio


    • TRazor


    • ohyeah

      I’d hit that 24/7

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