Sunny Released from Prison, Says She’s Written a Book and More

Posted by Matt Boone May 21, 2013 16 Comments

- TMZ reports that WWE Hall of Famer Sunny has been released from prison in Connecticut. She says she contracted HPV before entering prison and learned later that it had become cervical cancer. Sunny says she has undergone a hysterectomy and is now apparently free of cancer.

The Hall of Famer was jailed for four months after troubles with her boyfriend Damien Darling. She was arrested six times in a four month period before going to prison.

Sunny says she has written an autobiography while in prison and will be moving to New Mexico for a fresh start. She is on conditional discharge for the next two years.

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    • kindred1313

      It took less then 4 months to wright her book? It must not be vary long and I wonder if it comes with a small pack of crayons.

      • wlouden77

        A book can be written in that time, especially if there is not much to do in prison.

      • Liana Taylor

        Coming from the guy that spelt ‘wright’ wrong I can’t imagine you’d be too far behind her …

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          Grammar police!!! Always cool…..

          • Jeremy Robinson

            Its not grammar she was correcting you dipshit it was his spelling. Two completely different things.

            • it aint brokin

              So are you the grammar grammar police? Or the spelling police backup?

            • john

              ehh? kindred1313 spelt it right in the first place. wright, wrote, written, they all start with a w.

            • john

              sorry just realised kindred1313 spelt it ‘ght’ instead of ‘ite’ you guys were right. my bad lol

            • sydney

              Duh….write is correct. We are not talking about the Wright Brothers

          • samiul_huda

            people should learn how to talk and type. hill billys should not talk much

            • ArmyGuy2001

              Hillbillies shouldn’t talk much or type much?

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        They did fail to mention that half of the books 27 pages are for coloring and connecting the dots.

      • Not Chris Jericho

        Apparently you’ve never written an school essay the morning it was due. Whether or not its a GOOD book is the question.

      • Sydney

        perhaps you have written a book as well in crayons, as you do not know how to spell!

    • ijs

      I’m sorry but there is a huge difference between “prison” and “county jail”. There is no way in hell anyone can get surgery approved that fast in prison or jail. And 4 months in prison is just horrible.

    • Tracy Watts

      4 Months, Wrote a Book? That`s More than I Did. Oh , Wait, I Did 4 Months, on the Toilet.

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