Sunny Reveals What She’s Looking For In A Man

Posted by Brad Davis September 18, 2013 5 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch posted the following message on her Facebook today, revealing what she’s looking for in a boyfriend:

“Ok so HERE is what I’m looking for in a guy: be gainfully employed so that you can pick up AT LEAST half of the dinner bills… Have your OWN HOME OR CONDO, so that we don’t have to worry about waking your family up as we are going downstairs to the basement/your bedroom…be secure enough with yourself to not have to question me when my male best friend calls, texts, or tells me he loves me…. Be at least of average good looks (pretty boys need not apply, I like my men rugged, but please look in a mirror before thinking about asking me out) … Must have clean, working vehicle… Must have GOOD TEETH (it’s what tells if you take care of yourself or not)… Be SINGLE (not separated, dating around, etc). Understand I work around mostly men, doesn’t mean banging them all…. Is this really too much to ask???”

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    • lol

      IF she really is all that special of a woman for men with only those requirements and qualities to ask her out and even be considered, why does she resort to social media to announce what she is looking for? That’s just low.
      Sounds to me like “hey guys, I’m really desperate so…anyone that has any of these, hit me up”.
      She’s pretty much asking for money, a place to live, someone to give her her space, attractive, and with a car.
      Gold digger much? Have some self-respect.
      Someone should post on her FB timeline as a response, “Ok so HERE is what I’m looking for in a girl: a girl who does not only focus on materialistic things and someone who does not get arrested five times in a span of four weeks”.
      Oh, and all that money for “half the dinner bills” will go not to dinner, but her bond.

    • Redneck Fisherman

      AGREED LOL!!!!

    • Jason

      She should be pleased if she gets a guy with two hands and two legs. She is used up. This is a chance a nerd has been waiting for, when she would let him have her.

    • @mhmmdr13

      why this is in the news??

    • Tabong

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