Superstars Matches, Vickie Comments on RAW Evidence, More

Posted by Matt Boone November 2, 2012 4 Comments

- El Hijo Del Rey Mysterio, the son of Mexico’s Rey Mysterio Sr., will make his debut for Extreme Rising on their December 29th event in Philadelphia at the National Guard Armory.

– Matches for today’s WWE Superstars include Brodus Clay vs. Michael McGillicutty and The Usos vs. Primo & Epico.

– Vickie Guerrero continues to tease the video evidence she will be bringing to RAW this week to prove that john Cena and AJ Lee had an affair. She tweeted on Thursday:

“@JohnCena I am confident that the new video footage will prove the allegations of “inappropriate relations”.”

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    • 40 dawg

      Just like when tna did this storyline ( horribly ) who cares? Wwe is doing this just to give him tv time and play off the real rumors that cena can’t keep it in his pants.

      • 40 dawg

        P.S I love to molest 5 year old boys

    • Canuck 703

      The video evidence will probably be somthing lame like Cena & AJ holdong hands or hugging or somthing lame like that

    • Eddie Guerrero

      I loved to suck on Big Shows cock while taking it up the ass by JBL when i was alive, i was a fat lazy illegal Mexican scum that lied cheated and stole off people and i always beat the shit out of my wife every time she say EXCUSE ME!? god was she annoying im so glad im dead now im in hell where i belong where im having my nuts ripped off by demons while Owen Hart licks my nipples and Satan shoves his cock in my mouth, and look over there, its Chris and Daniel Benoit having some quality Father and son time, nothing says father son moment like putting your 7 year old son in the crossface till his tiny little head rips off

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