Swagger’s Court Date, WWE Gets a WrestleMania Cake, Chris Jericho

Posted by Matt Boone March 29, 2013 3 Comments

– Chris Jericho noted on Twitter that he will return to the Jimmy Fallon show on April 4th, the Thursday before WrestleMania 29.

– Jack Swagger’s new court date will be on Tuesday, April 9th in Biloxi, Mississippi to face charges from his arrest last month. Swagger’s first court date was March 12th but it was continued to a later date by his lawyers, in part because he’s in the middle of WrestleMania season.

– Carlo’s Bakery from reality TV show Cake Boss has once again done up a crazy looking cake for WWE. They delivered this cake to WWE headquarters yesterday:

WWE Cake 1

WWE Cake 2

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There are 3 Comments

  1. Jack Thwagger
    - March 29, 2013
      -   Reply

    Hi, I’m Jack Thwagger and I have a Lipth! Is there Thumbthing wrong with that ?? Heh Thupid??

    My wife workedth in Porn once! That means she had Thex with other guys for money! Now i’m in court for Thpeeding in the besth push of my life! That Thux!!

  2. nobody important
    - March 30, 2013
      -   Reply

    that’s a helluva job done on that cake

  3. morrisonfanone
    - April 1, 2013
      -   Reply

    What is happening to Vince? If this were a couple of years ago, Swagger would’ve gotten “injured” and would never have had a title shot at WM. I’m sticking with my theory that he’s dying.

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