SyFy Confirms WWE SmackDown Moving To Thursday Nights

Posted by Matt Boone August 24, 2014 6 Comments

As noted recently, WWE is rumored to be moving SmackDown to Thursday nights in the near future. The rumors spread when WWE production trucks at a television taping had graphics that listed SmackDown as airing Thursday nights on SyFy.

As of now, neither WWE or SyFy have officially confirmed the rumors. WWE has acknowledged the possibility of a move, but had yet to confirm it.

Today, SyFy released their upcoming programming guide, which lists WWE SmackDown as airing on Thursday nights beginning on October 2nd.

Check out the SyFy listing at

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    • CM PUNK

      Great now let Smackdown be its own brand again! Its own superstars, its own tag team champs, its own secondary title& its own World Champion. Then maybe their rating would go up

      • Toby

        Smack Down’s show sucks horrilby and worse than lousy. I’m not going to be watching it anymore. Now I can just watch WWE RAW on Monday Nights. I have enough real-life problems to deal with aside from all the really stupid problematic bullsh*t that’s happening in WWE.
        I hate how everything is in WWE right now. That may or may not ever change.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          You should just stop watching. I don’t think prowrestling is for you. If watching a tv is considered a problem, I don’t think you’re a fan.

    • charley ramirez

      This could either go very good or very bad…

      • Ayatollah of Jericho

        SmackDown airing on Thursday nights sucks very badly.

    • Katherine

      One way it could be a win is cause no one will be out doing things like they do on the weekends . But I do agree it could go badly since the kids go to bed early do to school the next day. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

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