T.E. Contestants At RAW, WWE Stock, Video Game News, More

— WWE is advertising a Randy Orton vs. Christian in a street fight for next Tuesday’s Smackdown taping in Philadelphia, which is likely a dark match.

— WWE Tough Enough contestant Ivelisse Velez was among those backstage watching Vince McMahon’s announcement on a monitor at the start of RAW. It is not publicly known if she has signed a contract. WWE developmental wrestler Percy Watson was also spotted amongst the crowd.

— The WWE stock price is down a few cents thus far today, but it’s nothing to be concerned about yet.

— The Money in the Bank PPV aired for free in the UK, so that will not help the overall buyrate of the show.

— Corey Ledesma, Creative Director for the WWE ’12 videogame, stated that they plan to make the entrances for the game more realistic than previous versions.