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Fight Network Makes Working Capital Loan To Fund TNA, Repay Billy Corgan

Posted by Matt Boone October 21, 2016 2 Comments

TNA buys themselves some time with “working capital loan” from The Fight Network.

Billy Corgan And TNA Lawsuit Hearing Postponed

Posted by Matt Boone October 20, 2016 0 Comment

The hearing regarding the lawsuit that was filed against TNA and a couple of top executives by Billy Corgan has been postponed. According to the records listed by the Nashville Chancery Court, the new hearing for the Corgan-TNA lawsuit is set for Wednesday, October 26th at 1pm. As of this writing, there is no word […]

Report On Billy Corgan’s Lawsuit Against TNA: “There’s Fraud Involved”

Posted by Eric Lynch October 15, 2016 1 Comment

A number of lawsuits against TNA came to light this week including one filed by Billy Corgan, as was extensively covered by David Bixenspan. Corgan had funded some television tapings this year under the belief that he would be buying the company, but Dixie ended up not selling to him. The lawsuit was filed after […]

Billy Corgan Files Restraining Order Against Dixie Carter, TNA Management

Posted by Matt Boone October 14, 2016 14 Comments

Trouble in paradise brewing between Team Corgan and Team Dixie behind-the-scenes in TNA.

Billy Corgan Confirms “Mystery Donor” For BFG, Sale To WWE Still Possible

Posted by Matt Boone October 2, 2016 4 Comments

On Saturday, TNA President Billy Corgan confirmed to the New York Post that TNA has secured a “mystery donor” for tonight’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view event in Orlando, Florida. “It’s a go, as far as I’ve been told,” said Corgan to the New York based media outlet. The NY Post article also wrote the following […]

TNA Reportedly Cancels Wrestlers’ Flights Ahead Of Bound For Glory PPV

Posted by Eric Lynch September 30, 2016 8 Comments

With TNA’s future already up in the air, more bad news for the company came out on Thursday night. TNA has reportedly cancelled several wrestlers’ flights into Orlando for Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in a cost-cutting measure. There is a set of Impact tapings scheduled for next week, and talent has reportedly been told […]

Billy Corgan Says TNA About To Be “Changed Forever”: BFG Update, Pop TV Status

Posted by Matt Boone September 29, 2016 1 Comment

Billy Corgan talks in-depth about the future of TNA Wrestling.

Report: WWE Re-Enters Negotiations To Potentially Buy TNA Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone September 27, 2016 3 Comments

It looks like WWE could be back in play to possibly acquire ownership of TNA Wrestling.

Update On WWE Reportedly Making Bid To Buy Out TNA Wrestling

Posted by Matt Boone September 20, 2016 0 Comment

As noted, the New York Post reported over the weekend that WWE recently made an offer to purchase TNA Wrestling. On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed the story, while providing some new information. According to Meltzer, WWE has made at least one offer to buy TNA, however their offer was […]

How Many Millions Dixie Carter Wants For Her Share Of TNA

Posted by Eric Lynch September 18, 2016 5 Comments

TNA president Billy Corgan has openly stated that he wants to purchase the company, but one person in his way is Dixie Carter. TNA’s shareholders currently consist of Carter, Corgan, and Aroluxe Productions. The latter two shareholders got their stakes by providing emergency funding for tapings and a pay-per-view. Without their funding, the shows wouldn’t […]

Report: WWE Put In A Bid To Buy TNA

Posted by Eric Lynch September 17, 2016 24 Comments

WWE reportedly expressing interest in purchasing TNA Wrestling.

Billy Corgan Wants To Buy Out The Other TNA Shareholders

Posted by Eric Lynch September 8, 2016 0 Comment

With Dixie Carter now reportedly out of the picture, new TNA president and shareholder Billy Corgan says he wants to buy the company outright. Corgan says he wants to run the entire company from top to bottom and improve the culture of the company. Corgan went on Facebook on Thursday to promote the Delete or […]

Jim Ross Blog: Goldberg To Wrestle For WWE?, HBK’s New WWE Gig, More

Posted by Matt Boone August 17, 2016 1 Comment

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his blog at his official website at with his take on such topics as Billy Corgan replacing Dixie Carter as the new President of TNA Wrestling, Shawn Michaels’ new gig as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and the possibility of Bill Goldberg […]

Reaction From TNA Wrestlers To Billy Corgan Replacing Dixie Carter As President

Posted by Matt Boone August 13, 2016 0 Comment

As noted, Billy Corgan was announced as the new President of TNA this week, replacing Dixie Carter, who will now move on to her new position of TNA Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. If you check the temperature of the active TNA roster, the move was a positive one for the good of the company. […]

Dixie Carter On Billy Corgan’s TNA Promotion, Big Impact Match Announced

Posted by Matt Boone August 13, 2016 0 Comment

– As noted, it was announced on Friday that Billy Corgan is replacing Dixie Carter as the new TNA President. With Corgan taking her old spot, Dixie will now serve as the TNA Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. The former TNA President took to social media to post a congratulatory message to Corgan. You can […]