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Konnan Not A Fan Of TNA/AAA Partnership, Says He Will Not Work With AAA

Posted by Matt Boone March 21, 2017 0 Comment

Apparently Konnan isn’t thrilled with the new partnership between Impact Wrestling and Mexico’s AAA promotion. The Mexican wrestling legend and former WCW/TNA star was asked via social media recently for his thoughts about the new working relationship established between the two pro wrestling promotions and didn’t seem to be a big fan. “No,” responded Konnan, […]

PodcastOne Launches “The Jericho Network,” Ex-WCW & TNA Star To Host First Show

Posted by Eric Lynch June 30, 2016 0 Comment

Chris Jericho is teaming up with America’s largest podcast network to take his podcasting game to the next level. On Wednesday it was announced that Jericho will be teaming up with Podcast One to launch The Jericho Network. The deal was formulated due to the success of his Talk Is Jericho podcast. PodcastOne will handle […]

Konnan On Using Rap, Racism In Wrestling, LAX & More

Posted by Matt Boone June 26, 2016 0 Comment

Mexican wrestling legend Konnan recently spoke with Vice about racism in wrestling, using rap music, the formation of the LAX and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview. On the reaction in the locker room towards rap music: “They didn’t like it, you know, there were a lot of racial comments made […]

Konnan Says Airport Incident Is The Real Reason For Lana’s Backstage Heat

Posted by Eric Lynch January 27, 2016 2 Comments

On a recent episode of his podcast, Konnan may have shed some light on why Lana reportedly has more heat with the WWE locker room. As we reported earlier, Dave Meltzer said on Monday that “there was another thing that happened with her and I don’t know all the details, but it has added to […]

Update On Del Rio’s WWE Pay, Stephanie McMahon’s Absence, Breaking Ground

Posted by Matt Boone November 26, 2015 2 Comments

– There are those who are adamant, despite claims to the contrary, that Alberto Del Rio is in fact earning a seven figure downside guarantee in WWE right now. Mexican wrestling legend Konnan is among them, as he and others close to Del Rio say he’s very clear he got in excess of double-to-triple what […]

Details On How Much WWE Is Really Paying Alberto Del Rio, Konnan Comments

Posted by Eric Lynch November 7, 2015 4 Comments

WWE United States champion Alberto Del Rio had reportedly signed a $1.45M contract for his return with the company, but a WWE spokesperson recently commented to Wrestling Observer Live that the number is not accurate. Instead, they claim that the real number was “about one-third of that.” Contracts worth $1M per year or more are […]

Report: WWE Re-Signing Carlito?

Posted by Matt Boone September 20, 2015 5 Comments

Former WWE Superstar Carlito could be returning to WWE in the near future, according to former WWE creative team member Court Bauer and Mexican wrestling Konnan. It’s no secret that WWE has been looking for a Hispanic star to help expand into that market, and Carlito could be the guy they are bringing in for […]

Konnan Talks About Most Underrated WCW Faction, Kevin Sullivan & More

Posted by Matt Boone August 5, 2015 0 Comment

Highlights of a Konnan interview.

More Details On Alicia Fox’s Injury, RAW Note, Konnan/WWE

Posted by Matt Boone August 1, 2015 0 Comment

WWE News & Notes.

Video: Rey Mysterio On Perro Aguayo Jr. Tragedy, Retirement Rumors & More

Posted by Matt Boone March 28, 2015 0 Comment

Video highlights and notes from the Rey Mysterio Q&A at WaleMania.

Press Release & Video: Rey Mysterio Hypes WaleMania On 3/26

Posted by Matt Boone March 19, 2015 0 Comment

The former WWE Superstar promotes his upcoming WM31 weekend appearance.

More On “Wale Mania” With Rey Mysterio & Konnan On March 26th

Posted by Matt Boone March 2, 2015 0 Comment

More on Rey Mysterio’s WrestleMania-week party.

Rey Mysterio Taking Part In WrestleMania 31 Party In San Jose

Posted by Matt Boone February 28, 2015 1 Comment

Mysterio takes a booking in San Jose.

Jim Ross To Return As Full-Time Announcer For Lucha Underground?

Posted by Matt Boone January 15, 2015 1 Comment

Will J.R. make a full-time pro wrestling announcing comeback?

WWE Legend Praises Booker T, Alberto Del Rio To Appear On Underground Show?

Posted by Matt Boone September 1, 2014 1 Comment

“Superstar” Billy Graham praises Booker T and Konnan talks about Del Rio.