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Vader Diagnosed With Congestive Heart Failure, Doctors Give Him 2 Years To Live

Posted by Matt Boone November 15, 2016 4 Comments

Leon “Vader” White diagnosed with congestive heart failure, given two years to live.

Photos: Vader’s Face Busted Up, Car Totaled After Bad Auto Accident

Posted by Matt Boone November 8, 2016 0 Comment

Former WWE and WCW star Leon White (Vader, Big Van Vader) was involved in a pretty serious automobile accident on Tuesday. The former WCW World Champion took to social media to inform his followers what happened today. According to Vader’s account of the story, he was in a serious car accident that saw his car […]

Roddy Piper On FX Show, Cee-Lo Green Talks WWE On Leno, Vader/Jesse White

Posted by Matt Boone September 26, 2013 0 Comment

Piper on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, Cee-Lo Green talks WWE & Vader booking note.

Three WWE Talents Officially Released From The Company Today

Posted by Matt Boone September 16, 2013 0 Comment

WWE releases three talents this morning.