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All Of The Inductors For The 2014 Class Of The WWE Hall Of Fame Revealed

Posted by Matt Boone April 3, 2014 2 Comments

Find out who will be inducting everyone into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

Full Breakdown Of What WWE Executives Get Paid

Posted by Matt Boone March 21, 2014 8 Comments

Find out how much money Vince, Steph and HHH have made recently.

More On Linda McMahon Inducting Warrior, Update On WWE’s Market Capitalization

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2014 0 Comment

Linda McMahon/WWE Hall Of Fame update and WWE’s value increases.

Linda McMahon To Receive Award, WWE Looks At Reigns’ Rumble Performance

Posted by Matt Boone February 5, 2014 0 Comment

Linda to receive Prescott Bush Award, video looks at Reigns’ Rumble performance.

Update On When Christian Will Return To WWE TV, McMahon Talks Being At RAW

Posted by Matt Boone November 28, 2013 1 Comment

Latest on when Christian will return, Linda McMahon talks RAW and more.

HHH On The JBL & Cole Show, Linda McMahon Turns 65, Sheamus Appearance

Posted by Matt Boone October 4, 2013 0 Comment

Episode 45 of the JBL & Cole Show, Linda McMahon’s birthday and notes on a Sheamus appearance.

Big Show Speaks Out Against Drunk Driving, Donald Trump Praises Linda McMahon, Edge Featured

Posted by Michael Bluth August 15, 2012 0 Comment

Big Show is featured in a PSA speaking out against drunk driving

Linda McMahon Spends $66 Million Trying To Win Election, Ripped For WWE Past

Posted by Michael Bluth August 15, 2012 5 Comments

Linda blasted for her WWE past once again

Linda McMahon Says She Won’t Let WWE vs. Media Distract Her

Posted by Matt Boone June 1, 2012 1 Comment

Linda responds to WWE’s war against local media.

Linda McMahon Responds To More Negative Attacks About Her WWE Past

Posted by Michael Bluth May 31, 2012 7 Comments

WWE compared to pornography once again – and Linda’s campaign fires back!

Linda McMahon Gets Republican Nomination, Photos of The McMahon Family

Posted by Matt Boone May 19, 2012 3 Comments

Shane, Steph, Vince and The Game join Linda in CT.

Del Rio Moved To SmackDown, Linda Attacked For WWE Past

Posted by Michael Bluth April 20, 2012 0 Comment

Linda McMahon under attack at Thursday night’s Republican debate

Who Austin Wants In The H.O.F., Trump Donates To Linda

Posted by Michael Bluth February 10, 2012 Comments are off

Plus: Some recent WWE attendance figures

Nash’s Injury Status, Linda’s Senate Run, Muppets On RAW

Posted by Michael Bluth September 20, 2011 Comments are off

Plus: NFL stars at Night Of Champions, Jerry Brisco’s birthday

Edge News, Linda’s Senate Run, CM Punk In Rap Song

Posted by Michael Bluth September 14, 2011 Comments are off

Plus: Billy Gunn & Dolph Ziggler trade words on Twitter, and more

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