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Former WWE Superstar Recalls Rib Involving Randy Orton And The Police

Posted by Matt Boone December 23, 2013 3 Comments

Mark Jindrak recalls 2003 rib from WWE days, talks getting bad news from Vince.

Mark Jindrak Talks About His WWE Release, Being Pulled From Evolution

Posted by Matt Boone December 17, 2013 0 Comment

Interview highlights with former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak.

Mark Jindrak Talks About Original Evolution Plans, Ryback Shares A Scott Hall Story

Posted by Matt Boone October 2, 2013 0 Comment

Jindrak responds to HHH’s revelation about Evolution, Ryback shares a story about Scott Hall.

HHH Reveals Batista Wasn’t Supposed To Be In Evolution (Photo); Rhodes/RAW

Posted by Matt Boone September 29, 2013 12 Comments

HHH reveals originally planned Evolution member, more hype for Rhodes Family on RAW.