Who Would Take Over WWE If Vince Was Gone?

Despite the rumor that AMC Networks was interested in purchasing controlling interest in WWE, investors don’t believe that Vince McMahon would be willing to sell controlling interest in his company. However, there is apparently some concern over what would take place if something were to happen to McMahon.

The general feeling is that Stephanie McMahon has taken a step back lately, and that Paul Levesque (Triple H) is not someone who could legitimately take over the role as CEO of a public company. Basically, while HHH has great knowledge of the wrestling business itself, his actual years of experience in management, as well as the non-wrestling obligations that a CEO has to deal with, is not something he has expertise in.

This would pretty much leave current WWE executives Michelle Wilson and/or George Barrios in the lead. The question on Barrios is his knowledge of the modern media landscape, as well as the wrestling side of things. In the case of Wilson, her knowledge of the wrestling aspect is also a question.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)