Talk of Putting RVD with Heyman, When Might The Wyatts Debut?, Vince

Posted by Matt Boone June 21, 2013 8 Comments

- Word is that The Wyatt Family may be debuting on WWE TV as early as next week’s tapings.

– According to one person in WWE, it was “beyond obvious” that Vince McMahon wanted AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn at Payback to try and outshine the Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell match that everyone raved about from Slammiversary.

– There had been some talk of putting the returning Rob Van Dam with Paul Heyman but that may have changed given the massive fan reaction they get every time his return video has aired.


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    • Knockouts > Divas

      Well too bad it didn’t outshine them. The Knockouts out wrestle the Divas every match. Even their names imply the poor standards. Knockouts are Wrestlers. Divas are Eye Candy.

      • TexansFanatic

        can any of those knockouts put on a match like the divas of the past did? Molly Holly, Trish, Victoria, and Lita all held it down as “divas”

        • Someone not Special

          The women you speak of were not “Divas” They were women wrestlers. They had the Womens Title not the “Divas” title

          • TexansFanatic

            true BUT Sonny was considered the original “Diva”

        • Taio Smalls

          Mickey James was great to & her storyline w/ Trish was incredible

    • Piontas

      Face or Heel.. People will still tune in to watch RVD. I say put him with Heyman so he gets in the uppercard straight away and is a legit threat not a “jobber to the up and comers” like Jericho…. Then you can team him with Axel – and eventually turn him full fledged face and ignite a feud with the two of them which will elevate Axel.,, and that my friends… is Piontas

    • Taio Smalls

      The divas division has been a shithole since Trisha, Lita, & Mickey James left. And absoluly hate how Lita left she deserved a better last match.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      The current Divas roster is downright horrible & eye candy, they’re not. The last great female wrestler was Beth Phoenix & eye candy was Eve Torres. I miss the days of Lita, Molly Holly, Chyna, Torrie Wilson, etc. I even miss the heyday’s of Fabulous Moolah, Wendy Reichter, Velvet McIntire, Sherri Martel, Candy Devine, etc.

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