Tamina Denies Past Relationship With young, New Austin Podcast, Young/TMZ

Posted by Matt Boone August 16, 2013 4 Comments

-The latest edition of “The Steve Austin Show” is now online. The latest episode of the show features actor and comedian Jay Mohr. You can check out the podcast online at PodcastOne.com.

-WWE Diva Tamina Snuka, who has been romantically linked to Darren Young in the past, recently responded to a fan on Twitter about their supposed relationship. Snuka simply wrote, “Fact NEVER dated.” You can follow Tamina on Twitter @TaminaSnuka.

-Speaking of Young, the openly gay WWE Superstar was once again the subject of much discussion on today’s edition of “TMZ Live” at TMZ.com. As noted yesterday, Young was scheduled to appear on the show on Thursday, however he did not appear due to connection issues. The TMZ Live crew fielded questions from listeners, as they typically do on the program, and a lot of the questions were in regards to Young’s coming out of the closet on Thursday. You can listen to future editions of TMZ Live online at TMZ.com.

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    • Sammy Hill


      • brendon

        Really Sammy are you that close minded. What he is shouldn’t be a cause of loosing respect what if someone you were close too, brother/cousin/uncle or whatever came out, you lose respect for them to. SMDH

      • Randy Ragsdale

        After finding out he’s gay, now I want to blow him if I ever get to meet him :)
        Always had a crush on john cena now I get to go for his black lookalike. I love
        me some chocolate um um yum ;) Now they can be called the primetime
        penislovers ;). millions of ballsacks millions of ballsacks millions of

    • Wrestling Fan4life

      Young was very smart to come out.Now WWE can’t ever fire him even if he sucks. I find it funny that after he came out that now the PTP are geting a push now in WWE when thay wernt wining any matches befor.A bunch of PC bull shit if you ask me.

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