The Honky Tonk Man Airs Out Hogan & TNA

Posted by Brad Davis February 28, 2011 18 Comments

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man wrote on his Facebook account yesterday that a top TNA Wrestling official close to Hulk Hogan has left for World Wrestling Entertainment. The post also blasts Hogan. Here is his full rant:

“You guys keep asking what’s the issue with Hogan. Here’s the deal. Hogan is in a back brace and without it he is on a walker as an old crippled dogshit of a man who could only be found with his feet in Lard Ass Bubba’s ass. You ask why HTM doesn’t like Hogan?

Jeff Jarrett approached HTM for a TNA merchandise deal in 2010 and “sent” a contract. Contract never came. HTM signs with WWE & Mattel. The same time, Hogan and Bischoff join TNA and Bischoff publicly insults HTM. HTM is called up for the “Hogan & Friends Tour”, went to the show and had a great event with the boys and the fans. HTM and Jimmy Hart spend hours setting up the show, spots etc. HTM and his web team promote “Hulk and Friends” everywhere which Hogan’s agent praised and admitted none of the other stars did! Bubba the lard sponge calls out HTM on his radio show so HTM posted a video owning Bubba in retaliation. Hogan goes off without seeing the facts and HTM is off the tour.

HTM went to Hogan’s room on the Hogan & Friends tour and spent hours talking to Hogan. Hogan was nice to HTM’s face. That’s the deal with Hogan. That’s always the deal with Hulk Hogan. Ask Vince McMahon or Randy Savage. Hogan is a walking dead because he went with that travelling door to door meat salesman Bischoff instead of hanging with the guys who stood beside him and once again turned on WWE. McMahon’s done with Hogan and WWE have no interest in his dead ass. They put over Hogan, built him up as Babe Ruth and he spat in their face. Hogan was due to wrestle John Cena at a recent past WrestleMania but couldn’t commit due to his health issues then announces at Vince’s backyard MSG that he’s signed with TNA. Now after taking TNA nowhere Hogan’s had to take a pay cut with TNA and mark my words within 6 months he’ll be gone.

What is WWE going to do with a free agent crippled Hulk Hogan? Nothing. They own the entire back catalogue, anything of worth they have. Hogan has his chance to be the Babe Ruth of WWE and spat in their face. He demands top money from Vince and has nothing in return to offer. Hogan’s “Hulk & Friends” Tour is dead in the water. Events were cancelled due to poor ticket sales and performance and Hogan’s $100k fee demand while paying his fellow boys $3k.

THQ recently signed Hogan to WWE Allstars as his contract allows for outside licensing which is a slap in the face to TNA. Would McMahon let any WWE star sign a TNA merchandise deal? How is that taking “the company to the next level” Brother!.

The guys in the back have no respect for Hogan and Nash is laughing his ass off now that Hogan is broke and Nash is back as a player.

A major TNA backstage player has bolted TNA for WWE, someone close to Hogan which has left Hogan reeling. More on that to come..

Hulkamania killed itself.

HTM Team”

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    • Doc.G

      After A horrible experience with his racist daughter, I’ve honestly never looked at Hulk Hogan or his family the same way. Had a show with Brooke in canton oh 4 years ago, and she made some stupid black jokes about chicken and watermelon. What really broke my heart was knowing that children don’t act like that, unless their parents allow it. Such a shame because when I was a child and lived away from my father, Hulk Hogan’s Never die attitude encouraged me to be all I could be. Now that I am a Father I will be my son’s Hero, and when it comes to wwe, He Likes John Cena and Booker T!!!

      • sean

        wow is she really rasist? and i respect hogan 4 teachine me as a kid but ot to teach his own thats a lil wrong.

      • Random guy

        I wouldn’t give Brooke too much credit. She’s too dumb to be racist.

        • baba boey

          They asked her straight out on tv if she was a racist, she said no she has no interest in driving cars that fast :)

          • Save_Us.Y2K

            LMAO that was really funny.

    • Random guy

      I can dig that. SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JESTER

      lmao @ random guy & Booker T.
      & thank god or Ala or w.e. u worship for The HTM.

    • ED

      CLAP freakin’ CLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You GO honkey. You are officially my new hero.

    • Random guy

      HTM is hilarious. Half of what he says about ANYTHING is nonsense. Entertaining, but nonsense. If he did get kicked off of Hogan’s tour, it’s probably because of his big mouth. And vodka. Keep in mind, Hogan tried to bring HTM into WCW for a free ride, and HTM was dumb enough to turn it down.

      As for the “major player” that’s supposedly close to Hogan, who could he possibly be talking about? Just by process of elimination, the only guys in TNA that are actually close to Hogan are Bischoff and Jimmy Hart. And of those two, only Bischoff could really be called a “major player”.

    • 1BluCaptain

      It doesnt suprise me. HTM is telling the Truth, Hogan was at the Top and Now is trying to get back there(not going to happen)Vince has the Money and Power

    • Hollow Bonez

      HTM owned Hogan…BIG time. The only thing I didn’t agree with is the fact that Hogan will be out of TNA in 6 months, I estimate about 3 months. Besides that every thing is true. Hogan doesn’t really care for TNA, he just wants his ego to grow even more. Thats why he signed the merchandise deal with WWE & THQ. What a jerk.

    • The Pale Guy

      Go Honkey!!!!

    • Wrestlehead

      *Gasps* So what people are saying is that Hulk Hogan is a bad parent? Who came up with this groundbreaking notion????

      Let’s face it, his son spent 9 months in jail for speed racing and crippling a man for life. Hogan asked the judge to go easy on Nick because he was a ‘gentle’ person and didn’t want the book thrown at him due to Hogan’s celebrity status. Later on there was a shouting match between Hogan and the lawyer of Nick’s injured friend. It really was pathetic. Go watch it, it’s probably up on Youtube. The guy verbally dresses Hogan down and he’s 6 inches shorter and weighs maybe half as much. And there’s not a damn thing Hogan can do. Don’t ever confuse his TV persona with the old, washed up, egomaniacal enabler that is Hulk Hogan.

      And now we’re surprised that Brooke is making racist comments? Brooke is the good one in the family, so I’m pretty sure the Hogan family is convinced that when she shits it doesn’t stink.

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    • Irate Fan

      The whole Hogan (Bollea) Family sucks! Linda is a gold digger, Nick is reckless as he is irresponsible, and this doesn’t surprise me about Brooke. The only thing that irks me even further is… which parent would give the most leeway to Brooke’s racist behavior? Since both parents are so reprehensible, who would go as far as to condone those actions? On a separate note, I know a former indy wrestler. He said that when he met HTM, he was the most social and eager person to meet everyone backstage. For HTM to have such a tirade is unlike him (based on what I’ve heard) but he’s right. He’s only speaking the truth.

    • Wrestlehead

      There is a video of Superstar Billy Graham walking with a walker that came out in the 1990’s that everyone should watch. In his heyday his popularity was comparable to that of Hulk Hogan and he inspired wrestlers like Hogan, Jesse Ventura, and Scott Steiner, who modelled their look and persona after him. He was, in fact, the first wrestler to refer to his biceps as ‘pythons’, and the show ‘WWF Superstars’ that aired in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and still airs on some networks today was named after him. He was a victim of steroid abuse and can barely walk. The similarity to his crippled physique and that of Hulk Hogan is simply alarming.

    • Doc.G

      HBK is Officially The Greatest Of All Time Now. He Takes Pictures, He Sign’s autographs and He
      Means it when He Prays and Takes his vitamins. He’s also been honest about his own flaws,
      So I WON’T BE performing with my Team Hogan Jersey’s on anymore.

    • sumguy

      honkey tonk man’s the man. yeah let em know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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