The Latest On Brock Lesnar’s Return To WWE

Posted by Brad Davis October 2, 2013 7 Comments

- The latest update on Brock Lesnar’s WWE return is that the former UFC Heavyweight champion will be back in action in time for the 2014 Royal Rumble. Lesnar will be a big part of the build to WrestleMania XXX. With Ryback officially becoming a “Paul Heyman Guy” and talk that Brock Lesnar will turn babyface at some point, a Ryback vs. Lesnar feud could be in the works.

– Goldust and Seth Rollins tweeted the following messages about their tag match at Battleground this Sunday:

Rollins: “Met a lifelong goal of stomping The American Dream into the ground on Raw. #WWEBattleground sweetens the pot. Justice is thicker than blood.”

Goldust: “On the horizon!! Retribution! The @WWERomanReigns and @WWERollins go down at #Battleground ! #FamilyStrong @WWE”

– Here is the official entrance video for Los Matadores:

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    • Ice

      Brock Lesnar would destroy Ryback

      • dong_kong_long_slong

        I think if they spent a lot more time developing Big E, that Brock and Big E could have a much better match. Big E has the potential to be explosive and quick, more so than Ryback. Plus with his legitimate background as a powerlifter, it puts him on the level of Lesnar strength wise. The storyline would be a work of art for it to make sense though, that would be the toughest one.

    • Undertaker316

      i think it would be better to have heyman turn on ryback and have ryback turn face instead of lesnar i just dont see brock lesnar being a face

      • wwe freak

        ryback was a terriable face the first time thats why he went heel

    • Mr. Plontas

      WWE is making everyone a face, there are barely any must see heels… this is just a not plontas idea

      • Knock

        There’s barely any must see heels? yet most of the current champions are heels.

    • Venomn

      2 things,The Shield Suck,No Respect for Legends…plus they cant Wrestle,lol.. and so do Los Matadores…the most stupid ring debut in the past 20 years…Can WWE actually surpass having the most no talent Wrestling Wannabees of all time? and This is Why TNA is a better product…now if Dixie will stop killing TNA…it can e great again.

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