The Miz Expected to Elevate Back to Main Event Status in WWE

Posted by Matt Boone October 25, 2012 3 Comments

Future plans involving The Miz call for him to have a place back at a main event level in WWE.

Miz dropping the Intercontinental title to Kofi Kingston was to help solidify Kingston as a top mid-card star and free up The Miz to work in more important feuds. WWE plan to have Miz face other top talent and get back on track as one of the company’s top talents for the future.

In the WWE’s eyes, Miz has done all the right things and they are very pleased with his consistent improvement on the mic and inside the ring. Miz also gets praised for being very good and willing to do the intense media schedule to promote the company.

Sources also mentioned that The Miz was chosen to be on the cover of the Survivor Series poster as an indication for bigger and better things for him.

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    • ok

      of course they are. everyone else in the wwe is either retired. retiring . injured or burnt out. i liked him as champion cause he got so much heat from the crowd

    • Buster Cherry

      Really? Really?? Really? This is complete horseshit, cant even hang with the US Championship/Intercontinental Championship contenders and he is main event material, his gimmick is so stale. Hey while your at it make him feud with A-Ry again since that was such a blockbuster

    • Josh

      I guess they got tired of blaming The Miz for everything.
      He’s a hard worker and, personally, I think he was a good World Champion. Fun to watch and listen to.

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