The Miz To Star In The Marine 3: Homefront

After a great deal of speculation as to who will star in the upcoming WWE Studios movie, The Marine: Homefront, it’s now confirmed that the lead role will be played by The Miz.

Miz will portray “a Marine who is forced to put his skills to the test when a radical militia group kidnaps his rebellious niece. The unrelenting soldier does whatever is necessary to save his niece and stop a terrorist attack masterminded by the militia leader.”

Scott Wiper (The Condemned) will direct the film, with principal photography starting on June 11th in Vancouver. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and digital download while WWE will handle promotion.

At one point, Cena was considered for the movie with the idea that he would pick back up where the first Marine movie left off. Randy Orton was then attached to the movie, but was removed after the Marines that Randy Orton served with when he was younger protested the casting decision, since Orton was dishonorably discharged from the Marines and did time in a military jail for going AWOL.

Other wrestlers under consideration for the lead role have included CM Punk, JTG, Cody Rhodes and a few others.

The plot of the film will be a Marine trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a terrorist.